10 years after Google Glass, Google presents really handy augmented reality glasses

Google has unveiled a prototype of connected glasses that can display the real-time translation of a conversation.

Google translation glasses prototype // Source: Google

The announcement went almost unnoticed in the deluge of announcements for the opening of Google I/O on Wednesday night, but the manufacturer made an announcement that was interesting, to say the least, on the connected eyewear side. Just ten years after Google Glass’s fanfare presentation, the company has indeed unveiled new augmented reality glasses.

Unlike Google Glass, however, these are not multifunctional glasses, equipped with a simple prism that can film, orient you and display your notifications. Here, the use of these connected glasses seems limited to a simple use: instant translation.

In an illustrative video, Google shows the example of a Chinese mother and her English-speaking daughter, who manage to communicate thanks to these new augmented reality glasses thanks to the display of real-time translation on the glass. To do this, the goggles appear to have microphones and a display system in the glass. Specifically, these are Google Translate’s translation algorithms pushed straight into a pair of glasses. Keep in mind that Google already offers similar functions to the Google Translation application on smartphones, which in particular allows you to talk in a foreign language using the conversation mode.

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However, the glasses go further by allowing users to chat with each other without having to look away to observe their smartphone’s screen.

Glasses also suitable for the deaf or hard of hearing

In addition, in addition to people who speak a language other than yours, these glasses can be of interest to the deaf or hard of hearing because they can instantly read what you can say to them, even if you don’t know the sign language.

For now, however, it is only a prototype. It is therefore unknown whether Google plans to ever release these new glasses and if so, at what price or on what date.

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