A disaster scenario tested in real life

NOTWe’ve never had a drill of such magnitude says Alain Thirion, the Director General of Civil Security and Crisis Management (DGSCGC) at the Ministry of the Interior, who came from Paris this Thursday especially to present to the press the “Domino” device that will be launched next week in the department’s west. .

This massive safety drill, scheduled from 10:00 AM on Monday, May 16, until Thursday, May 19, at the same time, will mobilize more than 1,000 rescue professionals to broadly improve the responsiveness of their services, as well as that of the population confronted with various disaster scenarios, of natural and industrial risks, malicious actions… specifies the chairman of SDIS 13, Richard Maillé. Due to the concentration of hazardous industrial sites, the danger of fires, the exposure of the maritime facade… Our territory was not chosen arbitrarily because it concentrates all risks, except perhaps that of an avalanche ironically the representative of the department’s firefighters.

Notification on the phone

If the authorities are deliberately vague about the details, to maintain the reality of the game, both with the mobilized staff and with the residents the Prefect of Christophe Mirmand 13, they nevertheless unveiled some of the innovative means employed for this extraordinary exercise. Starting with a new warning system called FR-Alert, which can alert anyone with a mobile phone, including tourists, to their presence in a danger zone in real time, informing them of the correct behavior to adopt. Even if your phone is in silent mode, you will receive a priority message and a beep. Only downside: For the exercise, iPhone owners will be excluded from the device, which should be settled next month, Christophe Mirmand assures, or at the moment chosen to deploy FR-Alert on a national scale.

During the operations, the maritime security, the Samu, the Dreal and the inspections of classified industrial installations… will be involved in the exercise, as well as 200 firefighters and technical personnel from other European countries. Funding for the system is also provided by the European Union,” up to almost a million euros says the director of SDIS13. Let’s not forget the support of 148 schools, from primary to secondary school, the security CAPs of Istres and Miramas, the civil security cadets… A feedback from this giant security exercise will be announced before the end of the summer .

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