“A matter of life or death”: health at the heart of the debates at the Centre-Val de Loire . Regional Assembly

In the regional hemisphere, the term “historic” has been pronounced about twenty times. View more?! In the field of health, President Bonneau (PS) made no bones about his pleasure. †History of the creation of a university hospital in Orléans. History of the doubling of the number of interns in all areas?; Orleans, but also Bourges, Châteauroux, Blois, Chartres.” 120 additional nurses at the start of the 2022 school year, 80 of them in Loiret. And 266 more in 2023 (160 for Loiret).

On the right wing of the assembly, Nicolas Forissier speaks of a “collective work”?; think that “the region was slow to respond“and “officially request that a progress report be presented at each session for the follow-up of this health pact”. Centrist Marc Fesneau “doesn’t share” the sentiment which is to say that the Region has not mobilized enough.

Emergency crisis in Orleans: should we copy the organization of the University Hospital of Poitiers?

“Health is not a matter of politicians but of life and death”

Ecologist Jérémy Godet sends a bunch of green wood to the Orleans collaborative project with Zagreb† “It is stubborn and incomprehensible, when a public and free education is opened in Orleans, to subsidize the development of a private and paying branch of the University of Zagreb.”

Orléans Mayor reveals details of future medical training related to Zagreb

The elected representative of Orleans (UDI) Florent Montillot replies that “health is not a question of politicians but of life or death”† Faced with the decline of the medical community, he accuses the Region: “Thousands less trained nurses in five years?; Whose fault is it?”

Among the centrists, the elected Berruyère Nadia Essayan welcomes local initiatives “like our traveling medical bus”† Everything doesn’t come from above.” Next to him, Matthieu Schlesinger repeats that the result obtained is the “fruit of a collective work” when everyone tries to pull the blanket towards themselves.

“Avoid Little Balkans”

The elected Berrichon Rémy Pointereau (Right) invokes the appalling state of emergency in Bourges and Ambre Louisin (RN) for his part recalls that “before the Covid, the CHR d’Orléans counted eleven pulmonologists?; they are five today”† In short, there was an urgent need to intervene and this report on health was passed unanimously.

The emergencies of the hospital center of Bourges have been under tension for a week

The same unanimity for a report on ethics that elected officials want to comply with, “to avoid small Balkans”explains President Bonneau, of whom everyone knows the meaning of the formula.

Philip Ramon

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