A tragedy narrowly avoided with Coubertin on the sidelines of PSG-Kiel

A freelance press photographer was hospitalized on Thursday after suffering a broken leg when a supporter fell from a stands at the Pierre-de-Coubertin stadium in Paris on Wednesday before the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Paris-SG and Kiel (30-30). The other photographer involved, a Spaniard who works for PSG’s Polish hub Kamil Syprzak, was examined for neck pain.

The injured supporter is unharmed, miraculously after falling some five meters from the ultra stance behind one of the two goals. In the footage from Eurosport we see him, with his back to the pitch, in the small grandstand below that where the majority of PSG football ultras were gathered, used to come to ensure the atmosphere among the neighbors of the hand . Standing in a front row seat, he tries to sit on the railing and falls over. The consequences could have been much more serious, especially given his build.

No disciplinary action taken against PSG

Due to this incident, which occurred a few minutes before the start of the game at 8.45 PM, the kick-off was postponed by fifteen minutes. The time it takes for rescuers and the PSG doctor to tend to the injured on the edge of the field. The police went to the scene in the evening for the first findings.

The Collectif Ultras Paris published a message on Twitter yesterday at noon: “ We have a thought for the two injured journalist photographers. Hoping the injuries aren’t too serious and that they find theirs as soon as possible. “Wednesday evening, the Paris leaders had published a press release on the club’s website” wish the three injured a speedy recovery and will closely monitor the evolution of their health in the coming days “After the game, the Paris players also gave their support to the injured.

The European Federation (EHF) spoke to PSG to get some news. No disciplinary action should be taken after the accident. On the other hand, before kick-off, the EHF is waiting for the report from its representatives on site about the use of smoke bombs by the ultras. Very unusual in handball, a sport that is mainly played indoors and not in an open stadium.

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