Axel found love again after breakup with Caroline

By Clemence

– Published on 05 May 2022 at 14:51

In Married at first sight, the couple formed by Caroline and Axel did not work out and the young man preferred to end this union. It is now with another woman that he spins the perfect love.

By participating in the show Married at First Sight, Axel expected to find love, the real one. 80% compatible with Caroline, everything led to the belief that the duo would then have happy days after the wedding. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned. First Caroline let it be known that she didn’t like him and couldn’t go beyond the body. Although the beautiful brunette was unable to develop romantic feelings for Axel, she refused to spend the wedding night in his company and sent him to his own room to sleep. in the end, the over 30s decided to end their union, and then claimed their compatibility was only friendly. But where is Axel in his sentimental life today?

In reality, there is no pity for the young man, since during an interview he confided: Entertainment TV that he was in a relationship: ‘Yes, I have someone today. There is no privacy problem there. It’s been a few months now. We plan to move in together soon. he revealed before saying more about his new darling. “He’s someone who was in my circle of friends. She is a friend of a friend. We knew about each other’s existence, but we had never met and we never thought we would end up together. When we met, it was love at first sight. We looked at each other, in that moment we knew it was right. That is a beautiful story. †

Axel happier than ever with his new darling

If Married’s adventure wasn’t easy for him at first glance, Axel can count on his girlfriend’s support: “She is very proud of me. She recognizes me in what you see on television. I am respectful, caring, consider others. She is happy to see that people think I am a good person. She is very mature, open and tolerant” he says before admitting that she is the ideal woman: “In retrospect, this is the person I described in my Married at First Sight questionnaire. It was the right time to meet. † Another well deserved happiness.

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