Florent Pagny talks about the day he learned he was suffering from cancer on the set of The Voice

Since January 25, the emotion has been strong around Florent Pagny. That evening, the 60-year-old singer revealed on Instagram that he had been hit by a “cancer of the lung“Inoperable. Since then, the historic coach of The Voice has started a very heavy medical protocol based on chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Last February, Florent Pagny, faced with the first consequences of this treatment, decided to shave his head.”At one point, events accelerated and I told myself I would shorten their suffering (to his hair, editor’s note). These chemos will make you lose your hair a bit, but that’s fine, it won’t stop us from staying in shape and looking good” he had explained to Nikos Aliagas at the beginning of the shooting of ” Super Cross Battles of The Voice.

“At that time I tried not to ask myself too many questions because the answers can destroy you”

This week Florent Pagny is on the cover of the magazine Gala† For his first interview in several months, the singer announces good news: his tumor is over “from the size of a good kiwi to a hazelnut“and his sixth and final chemotherapy will mean the end of his medical treatment in a few days. Interviewed by Nikos Aliagas, Florent Pagny returned to the day he heard this terrible news.”It was last January 7, at 1:00 PM.“He remembers. That Thursday the interpreter of… my freedom of thought, was on the set of The voice

I was coughing so bad I wanted to know what I had before I restarted the end of my tour scheduled for January 25th. I thought I had bronchitis that would go away with antibiotics. Finally I find out that day I have a tumor, he explains before admitting that he “found in some kind of fog (…) in the hours that followed as we waited to know if the tumor was operable. One between two worlds. During that time I tried not to ask myself too many questions, because the answers can destroy you. You also can’t let yourself slide into sadness or fear that you can’t control. We had to reason. So I stayed in a kind of vagueness where you feel things, but nothing definite“.

Fortunately the news was “good the next dayfor the songwriter. “A PET scan tells me two good news: There’s only a tumor, no metastases elsewhere, and it’s grade 1, meaning it had just arrived, between three and six months. A few days later, a biopsy determined the nature of my tumor and unfortunately it is inoperable I was hoping it would be because everyone told me that if I could have surgery it would mean ‘she’s not that smart’.

“My mind is working well, my energy is there”

As he prepares for his final chemotherapy, Florent Pagny declares that he is going out “of the tunnelOnce my protocol is ready, I’ll be moving on to something else real quick! My mind is working well, my energy is there, my voice is good, I feel pretty good” he announces Nikos and reveals that he wants to “refuel” a little” before returning to the recording studio and going back to the studio.

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