Francis Lalanne Sentenced Fort Boyard To Labor Courts

On Thursday, May 12, the industrial court of Rochefort (Charente-Maritime) has reclassified as CDI the temporary contracts of Francis Lalanne, interpreter between 2016 and 2019 of this singing teacher inspired by the universe of Harry Potter, as CDI, before being expelled from the game And sentenced ALP to pay a total of almost 9,500 euros (1).

The 63-year-old singer who took ALP to court had argued during the hearing in February 2022 that his resignation was motivated by two arguments. The first drawn from his age: At the end of the first incarceration, in mid-2020, ALP would have told him that the insurance would no longer cover “people over 60 because of the Covid”. The second was related to his participation in the yellow vest movement in late 2018 and early 2019. An argument refuted by ALP’s lawyer who had argued that Narcisse Lalanne’s character was not meant to last forever.

A hat to return

This file had revealed the practice of fixed-term contracts used in audiovisual productions, defended by the production company, which distinguishes them from seasonal contracts (which entitle them to renewal).

Without convincing the advisers of the labor court whose decision is welcomed by the lawyer of the singer Mand Emmanuel Ludot (Reims bar) tearing up at ALP, also known for producing “Koh-Lanta”: “It is a damning judgment that was foreseeable: at the request of the industrial court, ALP has the contracts for work of Francis Lalanne some of them were unsigned.”

Francis Lalanne and his lawyer Emmanuel Ludot before the courthouse hearing in Rochefort.


mand Ludot believes that the court is “trying to restore order to these recordings. It is nonsense with contracts that are not adapted to labor law and in which the hours are not counted. †

When asked, ALP does not want to respond before taking cognizance of the reasons for this requalification.

Funny detail: the labor court ordered the production company to return the artist’s hat within two weeks, on pain of a daily fine of 50 euros. During the hearing, Francis Lalanne was able to recover his character Narcisse Lalanne’s pipe, but not the hat: ALP’s was not the right one!

(1) €3,247.50 for severance pay, €1,200 for severance pay and €5,000 for compensation.

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