Francis Lalanne wins his lawsuit against Fort Boyard, a nice amount at stake

Another defeat for ALP: the show’s production company Fort boyard was ordered by the industrial court to pay almost 10,000 euros in damages to Francis Lalanne, fired in 2020. The singer will also get back the hat that was part of his Narcissus costume… on the other hand, it will use pipewood, another element, stay in the Charente-Maritime.

A major victory for the singer, who accused the company of firing him after learning of his membership in the Yellow Vests Movement, an argument firmly disputed by the company’s president Alexia Laroche-Joubert. This only argues, through the voice of his lawyer, for the singer’s low participation in the show: out of 42 episodes, he appeared only 17 times before his character was removed.

It must be said that Francis Lalanne has been very busy lately: in addition to his fight on the side of the Yellow Vests, he has worked hard against the vaccine and all the health measures enacted by the government. Notably, he had repeatedly caused a scandal by organizing major concerts during the peak of the pandemic by asking people to take off their masks.

However, he won his case in court, a real satisfaction to his lawyer, Me Emmanuel Ludot. †The jurisprudence moralizes the work of artists in these filming locations, such as Fort Boyard or Koh Lanta, where they are treated a bit like slaves by making them sign contracts without too much respect for labor laws.‘ he responded.

It must be said that this is not the first time that he attacks the same company: a few months ago he was the interpreter of Mister Boo, the “muscle man” of Fort boyard, whom he had represented, helped him re-qualify his contracts and win €17,000 in damages. A case that is now being appealed to the Poitiers Court.

The show Fort boyard, currently in the process of filming the episodes of its 33rd season, airing this summer, nevertheless continues to call on outside actors to embody the characters of the fortress and for some, who have become cults, this is up to the corridor for decades: the father Fouras, played by Yann le Gac, has been present since 1990, as has Passe-Partout, played by the famous André Bouchet or Felindra (Monique Angeon). The tigers will be gone… They have been in the program since its launch in 1990.

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