“Funny”: Netflix Gives Up Season 2

Despite an enthusiastic and almost unanimous critical reception, the series ends created by showrunner Fanny Herrero. She only had one season.

The funniest joke ever Funny played backstage a few weeks ago. Fanny Herrero’s beautiful stand-up series will not get a second season. The first was launched on March 18. Netflix announced the news to those interested, citing insufficient audience. Computers have spoken.

The technical and creative teams are official”released” by the producers of Les Films du Kiosque. By the time the ax fell, more than two-thirds of the second season had already been written. Netflix confirmed the information to us today: “We have made the difficult decision not to renew Funny for a second season, after almost three years of collaboration and a fruitful collaboration with Fanny Herrero, Les Films du Kiosque and the whole team. Our subscribers didn’t find their account there

This decision concerns one of the most prominent screenwriters in France. Creator of Ten percent, showrunner Fanny Herrero was approached by Netflix and welcomed with open arms. We eagerly awaited the transplant between the powerful streamer and an author capable of developing a vision that is both popular and personal. Because of his approach to the characters and the story, Funny a contemporary French youth will have told with lightness and guts. Many scenes devoted to the creative work of stand-uppers and the limitations of artists within an industry resonate today.

Hearing loss and moderate risks

The paradox of Funny will have been to greatly please his broadcaster (the members of the interviewed team confirmed us “Love” added to their series by Damien Couvreur’s team) without, however, meeting the purely economic requirements. After losing 200,000 subscribers worldwide in the first quarter of 2022 – an unprecedented number in a decade – the platform led by Reed Hastings is starting to tighten up and no longer appears to be promoting a true diversity of content, as still was always the case two or three years ago.

In France, this already strong feeling is increased tenfold by the discontinuation of Funnyyet the best French series put online by the broadcaster of she-wolf, supported by a unanimous press. †If there was the slightest hope of seeing anything other than what Netflix has been offering in France for a few years now, that hope is now gone.” several team members noted.

Designer Fanny Herrero also gave us her feelings: “I am of course sad and disappointed that Netflix has not let the series sink in, given the enthusiastic, warm reception and testimonials from the press and the public, from many young people we do not know, who insisted on freshness. What remains is the pride that I did it with my team, that I enjoyed creating these characters who revealed four great actors, Mariama Gueye, Jean Siuen, Younès Boucif and Elsa Guedj.“What signal was sent to the French series creation, on Netflix and elsewhere after this disappointment?

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