“In love we all make the same mistakes”

Married and mother of three, Elsa Fayer, 46, will present Season 3 of “Battle of Couples” starting Monday, August 30 at 6 p.m. on TFX, before the return of “10 Perfect Couples.” Love knows…

Elsa, are you really a love specialist like TF1 says?

(laughs) “Let’s just say that when the shows I host love about the themes, I start to know a little trickle of it. I learn with the candidates, their problems and most of all it’s a great way to share.”

Does ideal love exist?

“No… Every person needs some kind of love. The most complex thing is to find THE right person that suits us. What I also learned is that the more we know ourselves, the more we manage to find the most suitable to find a person It is a personal job that the candidates do and as a duo in the “Battle of couples”.

What’s new for this season 3, in which the “love coach” Lucie Mariotti does not appear?

“I host big round tables where everyone exchanges and passes on parts of life. It was my proposal for this show because I am not a love coach, but the idea of ​​all talking about it together with an open heart. I liked it, as a kind of group therapy. By communicating you learn from other trajectories.”

What do you think makes a couple last?

“Unbiasedness, tolerance and the fact of defining boundaries. The mistake is to tell ourselves that we are completely fused. You have to learn to say no, to interact with the other person and to give him some space. We are a couple, but we are different.”

Are reality TV candidates finding it harder to find lasting love?

“I don’t think they’re that different from the others. In love, we’re all a little bit alike and we all make the same mistakes. In “The Battle of Couples,” the duos have to cross ten pillars of love that encapsulate the basics of the two-person relationship. “However, it is true that they are young, things move quickly for them, they are published and reviewed quickly. Social networks hurt. You have to give everyone time to find their way.”

What do you think of them: sincere, strategist, desperate?

“There’s everything… Very romantic people who are ‘in love with love’: it’s scary! Believe more. My role is to make them believe in love again. Everything is possible for everyone.”

Many programs revolve around love and relationships, why?

“We are all quite modest about our romantic relationships. We don’t want to reveal our weaknesses. Thanks to these shows, we have multiple genres and different love issues that we can identify with. Love is a subject that concerns us all.”

Season 5 of “10 Perfect Couples” has also been announced, do you believe in the “science” that makes up these couples?

“Specialists do indeed work on compatibility (as M6 does with “Married at first sight” and a secret method). But the show is not made to meet the person who matches you 100%, c “It’s just a nice approach “Sometimes you can be surprised! Moreover, many candidates find love after this program because they know more about who they are.”

What other program would you like to present on television?

“I really want to test myself in adventure games where candidates are asked to outdo themselves. The ‘Battle of Couples’ put me on the treadmill of pressure and outdo myself. I, being of a very sporty nature, found myself there.”

So you should ask Denis Brogniart to give you the place on “Koh-Lanta”…

(laughs) “I understood why it was in its 20th season and why it’s still so exciting. It’s good energy and good competition. There is merit. But love itself is also an adventure!”

The “Battle of Couples”, Season 3, airs Monday, August 30 at 6 p.m., on TFX.

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