Internet users scandalized by Gilles Verdez .’s “grossophobic” comments

This Thursday, May 12, there were tensions at the rendezvous in TPMP and internet users were shocked by Gilles Verdez’s “grossophobic” comments. C8 screenshot

Tensions were at the rendezvous on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, this Thursday 12 May. While the topic focused on the insults desecrated against the memory of Emiliano Sala, Gilles Verdez started a war against Gilles Favard… Internet users were shocked by this reckoning and the comments that the columnist of “TPMP” described as “roughly” were considered”.

This Thursday, May 12, a new song of “Touche pas à mon poste” was presented live by Cyril Hanouna. Like every day of the week, he was joined by a handful of columnists to revisit the hot news of the past few hours. On the program? The love life of Danielle Moreau, the Hollywood diet appreciated by all the stars, the controversy surrounding Fabrice Di Vizio, but also the insulting songs of certain OGC Nice supporters against the late player, Emiliano Sala. This horrific controversy arose on Wednesday 11 May during OGC Nice’s win against AS Saint-Etienne in Ligue 1. About forty Gym supporters sang a song to mock the death of former Nantes resident Emiliano Sala. The lyrics of this song, which hindered the memory of the young missing player, caused outrage among the French, but also the Nice club.

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To discuss this particularly delicate and scandalous topic, the star host of C8 called on Gilles Favard, a former adviser to the team, now “retired”, as he said. As soon as he entered the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, tensions were felt, some columnists did not appreciate his presence… And while he expressed his anger at the supporters and their despicable songs, as well as the leaders of the Nice club Gilles Verdez cut him off. Outraged by the guest’s comments, he began to defend these supporters. Within seconds, the subject wandered off and turned into a debate between the two “Gilles”. In the end, they yelled at each other and settled on old subjects live.

“How disrespectful”

For internet users, this scene was just “incredible” because it was so violent. But what made them most outraged was Gilles Verdez’s “disrespect” as they shared on Twitter. For them, the main topic, namely the degradation of the memory of Emiliano Sala, was completely forgotten and pushed aside. Faced with this “absurd” and “disrespectful” streak, Twittos expressed their outrage.

“Grossophobic” comments

The war between Gilles Verdez and Gilles Favard had nothing to do with the original subject and went very far. In addition, the two men insulted each other, and Cyril Hanouna’s columnist attacked the guest’s physicality. “Your big nose,” he began and continued. “And you with your big belly”, he waved too. Comments deemed “roughly” and “inadmissible” caused a scandal for internet users.

Finally, after the ad, Cyril Hanouna briefly returned to the subject, but the tone between the two men rose again.

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