Married at first sight: Axel reveals he’s finally found love!

Axel and Caroline is one of the Married at First Sight couples who have failed in the long run.

Fortunately, Axel didn’t wait until after that Married at first sight to find a shoe that fits. The editors of MCE TV explain everything from A to Z!

Where are Axel and Caroline? Married at first sight

As you probably know, the “love story” between Axel and Caroline was very complicated in the show. Married at first sight† And this, even if they were 80% compatible

Fans thought that right away the young woman was very superficial† Actually, she was quick to criticize her future husband’s physique

Besides the lack of physical attraction, Caroline and Axel also had very hard to forge links† Yet it is not for lack of trying.

The experts think it’s the candidate of Married at first sight That did not give the candidate a chance† Moreover, it did not disappoint have the director concerned respond

“If what Axel feels didn’t matter, I’d be 1000 times less hurt… Everyone sees it, except psychology experts by Studio89. Estelle has no more information than the viewers as we never spoke to the two of us.” she explained on Instagram.

Over the course of the episodes, Axel did realize thathe would never succeed in seducing her† He therefore preferred to remain friends with Caroline. Again, his response was misunderstood by experts and fans of the show† MCE TV tells you more later in this article.

Married at first sight: Axel reveals he’s finally found love!

The young man has found love

Today, Axel and Caroline don’t speak to each other anymore† The show Married at first sight was therefore not very helpful to them. However, this did not stop the young man from finding love after filming.

He recently entrusted this topic, together with our colleagues from Tele-free time“Today it won’t change anything to say whether I have someone or not, especially because I tease it a bit† †he launched.

Before adding: ‘Yes, I have someone today. There is no privacy problem there. It’s been a few months now. One has as a project to settle together soon† †

the candidate of Married at first sight did not hesitate to give more details about his meeting with his darling: “ That is a person who was in my circle of friends† She is a friend of a friend. We knew about each other’s existence, but we had never met and we never thought we would end up together. †

“When we met, it was love at first sight† We looked at each other, in that moment we knew it was right. That is a beautiful story. †he concluded.

His girlfriend, of course, followed the adventures of Axel and Caroline. However, it didn’t shock him† She was able to recognize her boyfriend’s beautiful human qualities, on screen. It only remains for us to wish them the best of luck!

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