OGC Nice – ASSE: the notes of the Greens

Zapping target! football club ASSE: the complete list of the Greens


ASSE still has 23 goals against in the last 7 days, an average of more than 3 goals per game. His defense is no stranger, but neither is he… Every shot on goal from Nice hit the target. A real sieve!

SOwing (4)

Dupraz had criticized him, he pulled him out, we don’t know exactly why… You would think the Guinean would sign a winning comeback before his first game of the year. But that was without taking into account the incredible weakness of his team…


The former Le Havre cut stretches and let go of hot balls in the first half, without breathing. For sinking with the ship. He has been involved in two goals and has yet to win a game this season.


At the heart of Dupraz’s three-man defence, which had shifted to the right during the previous match against Rennes (0-2), he slid to the left. He cheated half before sinking and took his usual yellow. Header hit by Delort on Nice’s 4th goal.

MACON (4), then THIOUB

Maçon started his match with a cross to Bouanga that turned into an assist. Before being replaced by THIOUB, one of the great recruits of the last Mercato! (LOL)


In any case, he made his match… A volley that could have hit the target (68th), an opening for Aouchiche (87th) and always present. In this team that is unworthy of green values, wouldn’t it be the most legitimate to wear the bracelet?


For once he was on target, Youssouf scored 2-0 with a nice volley from the left, apologizing, without anyone understanding why… Replaced by MOUEFFEK, finally able to play a match.


On the left wing of the defence, Silva, still preferred to Trauco (but why?), lost far more balls than he won. Incredibly weak…


Captain Boudebouz started his match well, in false 9, trailing Bouanga (3rd) and an assist for Youssouf. Replaced quickly with AOUCHICHE, as unproductive as possible.


Forgotten by Bouanga (3rd), Nordin gave way to the ghost CRIVELLI, who failed to score on a caviar from Hamouma (87th).


Bouanga was the sharpest Groen. Scorer from the chest, he made a nice attack on Youssouf’s goal. Replaced by HAMOUMA, author of a caviar harvested by Crivelli, only on the penalty spot (90th).

to summarize

After leading 2-0 at halftime against Aiglons with absent subscribers and shunned by their odious crowd, ASSE found a way to lose to the Allianz Riviera. However, Bouanga had cleared the way, but the green defense still cracked as poor Bernardoni…

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