Orange gestures to its subcontractor Scopelec

The intervention of Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Industry, weighed on the file.

After Scopelec lost an important tender from Orange, the situation between the two companies deteriorated sharply. The subcontractor believed his survival was threatened by the loss of his contracts. Industry Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher intervened to try to unblock the situation and come up with a solution that could keep the jobs at Scopelec.

Orange has agreed to grant its subcontractor an additional business volume of 43 million euros, increased to 45 million, for the next 18 months. Amount to be added to the current contracts between the two companies. Above all, Orange has accepted a 20 million euro transaction that will allow Scopelec to bear the financial weight of a runway protection plan, despite the loss of 450 jobs. Initially, Scopelec had reported the destruction of 800 jobs. Since then, many employees have left the company, some to join other service providers.

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The compensation awarded by Orange more or less corresponds to claims made by Scopelec with regard to some of its own subcontractors. The incumbent, which had made an initial payment to Scopelec, will eventually pay the subcontractors directly. The State will also make a gesture for its part by giving up 15 million euros in government debts (tax and social debts). †The favorable position of the State should weigh favorably in the implementation of the PES‘, we slip into the Ministry of Industry. Caution is still advised, as the management of Scopelec has not yet accepted the proposals made to it. †Agnès Pannier-Runacher will have done everything to find a solution until the end when the protagonists were far from each other

Scopelec must also commit to providing training to enable its employees to adapt to changing markets, in particular the replacement of ADSL with fiber optics. Finally, the subcontractor must also waive any legal proceedings against Orange. Otherwise, everything would have to be redone.

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