“Oussekine”, from one family to another

Always read the credits carefully. in that ofLegacy, the first feature film that Hiam Abbass directed in 2012, we were thus able to learn that the first assistant director was called Antoine Chevrollier. We also discovered in the distribution the names of Mouna and Lina Soualem, daughters of the French-based Palestinian actress and Zinedine Soualem. Since then, Antoine Chevrollier has been one of the pillars of the Legends OfficeEric Rochant’s series, then the creator ofOussekine † to author cinema, her field, Hiam Abbass has added American series – she is preparing to star in the new seasons of succession and from Ramy † Mouna, the youngest, has started a career as an actress (we see her in Cannes in The night of 12by Dominik Moll) and Lina, the oldest historian by training, made her first documentary, their Algeria (2021), dedicated to his paternal grandparents, Mabrouk and Aïcha Soualem, who arrived in France in the 1950s, as did Miloud and Aïcha, Malik Oussekine’s parents.

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Ten years later, the bonds were forged on the set ofLegacy suddenly tight. It was the first time that Antoine Chevrollier contacted Lina, when he began to develop a project for a series on the circumstances and consequences of the death of Malik Oussekine, under the blows of the Parisian policemen of the platoon of motorcycle acrobats, the 6 December , 1986. Initially sworn to secrecy, she didn’t tell her sister and mother about the company the family friend hired her: “It brought together the authors, Cédric Ido, Faïza Guène, Julien Lilti and mesays Lina Soualem† I was officially the writing coordinator, but I became a librarian, I did the research from which the authors could write. †

His mom finally got the script for the first episode ofOussekine and was offered the part of Aïcha. “I was blown away, there’s a restrained emotion that explodes at the end, and I found exactly the same reactions from the viewers during the preview screening of the series,” she says. To become Aïcha Oussekine, Hiam Abbass worked on his Algerian Arabic with the novelist Faïza Guène, one of the screenwriters. Finally, Mouna Soualem’s auditions for the role of Sarah were spread over two and a half months, before the role of the youngest daughter, in revolt, outraged, was assigned to her, when the filming of the series began.

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