“She said she won a certain amount”: an unknown person pays the groceries for customers of a supermarket in the Var

It’s just after 11 a.m. this Friday when Magali and Yann walk into the Aldi store in Trans-en-Provence.

“Initially we left just to buy a pack of cakesthe young woman slips. In the end, for convenience, we decided to shop there.”

Dracé residents then fill their carts and, after standing between the shelves for half an hour, head for the exit to pay for their purchases.

“When we get there, I see a lady strolling around the cash registers. Dark-haired, probably in her forties, of medium height and wearing large sunglassesexplains Magali. At the moment I am not arrestedshe continues. But as I quietly lay our provisions on the carpet, I overhear a conversation between this woman, whom I had noticed a few minutes earlier, and the person in front of us. Surprised, the latter asks her: “But why did you do that?” And I hear the lady reply to her that she has won a certain amount of money and wants to please the people around her. Until At the moment I don’t really understand what’s going on.”

And when it’s their turn, the young couple has no idea what surprise awaits them.

“While we are putting away the last items, the lady walks up to us and to our surprise asks if we don’t mind her paying for our groceries.”

Embarrassed, Magali and Yann decline this generous offer. “But we didn’t have time to moof”the young woman smiled. Until barely time to take out our card she had already put in the reader, and said to us: “You will please yourself in a different way!”

“People came out in tears”

Emoved by this gesture, Magali still cannot believe it.

“We stayed stupid with Yann. There was groceries for 123 euros! We thanked the lady very much, but we didn’t know what else to do. We had never seen that before. We all have a job, we earn our living and have no pity We were ashamed Behind us stood a mother and her daughter, and both came out of the shop crying after this beautiful gift.

A moment that will certainly stay with you.

In post behind the cash register that day, Yanis probably won’t forget these moments either.

“What She Did Ain’t Nothing”

“In three years of work, this is the first time I’ve seen a situation like this.says the young man. I have to admit that at first I thought it was a hidden camera. This lady asked me if I didn’t mind her standing at the tills to pay for customers’ groceries, until her credit card hit her ceiling. She stayed there for a while, both discreetly and generously.” To accomplish a gesture as rare as it is unexpected.

“Today it is even surprising in this individualistic society”continues Magali. We would like to find this lady, to invite her to the restaurant and to thank her again, on behalf of all those for whom she has lit the day. What she did is nothing. It is exemplary, it deserves to be underlined.”

And for the little anecdote, the couple went to try their luck at the lottery as they left the store. “Sait-on jamais, si un jour nous gagnons, nous passerons une journée entière dans un supermarché à régler les tickets. Mais en attendant, vraiment, nous ne le répéterons jamais assez à cette dame, alors si elle nous lit: encore une fois , Thank you!”

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