What are the health benefits of cryotherapy?

Gauthier Delomez
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6:21 PM, May 12, 2022

Exposing your body to a temperature of at least below 70 degrees for a few minutes offers many benefits to the body. This practice is cryotherapy and in the program “Bienfait pour vous” columnist Cécile Coumau lists some of them for health.

Some people, stunned by the heat of recent days, no doubt dream of getting a breath of fresh air. Even to attend a cryotherapy session, which also brings many benefits. Senior columnist Cécile Coumau spoke during the show Well done to you this trend that seduces more and more French people. This means that his whole body is exposed to a temperature of at least 70 degrees for several minutes. However, this practice, praised by seniors and elite athletes, is contraindicated for those “with a history of heart disease, hypertension, kidney problems and phlebitis,” underlines the Europe 1 columnist.

Improved protection of vital organs

In thermal shock, a cryotherapy session “forces the body to protect vital organs. The blood vessels retract, the heart rate slows, and hormones are secreted,” explains Cécile Coumau. Pascal Grillon, president of the Cryopôle group specializing in cryotherapy, confirms that this “neurostimulation is a reset, such as a telephone. We have an internal application, homeostasis, which is the balance of our body. Cryotherapy is going to have an influence on that.”

An anti-inflammatory effect

The results depend on the number of sessions, the person’s gender, their age, the time the session is practiced, and whether or not they have eaten just before. Cryotherapy is mainly practiced by athletes because it can treat inflammatory problems. There are two cases, details Cécile Coumau. “If the origin is mechanical, such as tendonitis, the cold can restore it by promoting tissue oxygenation,” she first indicates.

“If the inflammation comes from the immune system, cryotherapy can only relieve by releasing endorphins and acting on the brain,” adds the columnist to Europe 1. On average, a session costs between 25 and 30 euros. “For a simple fitness, five sessions are enough,” says Cécile Coumau.

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