when “In therapy” invites itself to the couch

“Are there any psychoanalysts as good as Dr. dayan? † That is the question currently being asked by Christine (she prefers to keep her last name silent), who is responsible for early retirement communications in Rambouillet (Yvelines). The sixty-year-old devoured the second season ofin therapy, aired on Arte since April 7, and couldn’t help but cry with every episode. The way the therapist looks at his patients upsets her every time. Before the end of the 35and episode, she made a decision: Seek a psychoanalyst, talk about the still strong scars her divorce left behind, her relationship with her mother, these moments when she “stretched” and ” on the edge “† Christine visited several psychiatrists a few years ago, but often found them too cold, distant. She dreams of a practitioner as invested as Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache’s series: “We see that he is still thinking about it after the sessions. I would love to find a psychiatrist with such human warmth, so emotionally involved in our work! †

Christine is not the only one who dreams of making an appointment with Dr. Dayan, bald head and serious look, embodied on the screen by Frédéric Pierrot. in therapy season 2 surpassed 20 million views on Arte.tv in a few weeks. From February 2021, the first season, dedicated to characters traumatized by the November 13 attacks, met its audience. The health context inevitably played a role: at the time, anxiety and depression rates were reaching unprecedented levels, and mental health professionals tried to warn about the risk of “third wave psychiatry”† All of France then began to fantasize about this character as the ideal confidant, able to listen for hours without ever judging, offering us a timeless space to face our fears.

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Watch in therapy, Patrice Gree, 63, retired, says he felt a sense of nostalgia for his own psychoanalysis, which ended five years earlier. “It is paradoxical, because it does not correspond to a joyful period: my analysis lasted thirteen years, I went through a very hard break. But through the sessions of Dr. Attending Dayan, I felt the urge to be watched as he watched his patients. This attention, this empathy, this way of holding hands with our eyes… In life we ​​are never looked at that way”, raves the former bookseller with salt-and-pepper hair and crescent glasses, met in a Parisian café. A few weeks ago, Patrice even decided to go back to an analyst, for just one session, to discuss his relationship with his son. “For now I don’t feel like going back to the treatment, but when I left this session I immediately felt lighter. It’s an incredible experience, if you think about it. You won’t find such freedom of expression anywhere else.” he insists, eating his croissant.

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