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Arsenal’s sixth consecutive season without Champions League. The Gunners were beaten Monday by Newcastle (0-2) and showed probably the last ticket for C1 Tottenham behind.

The disappointment of Arsenal players on the Newcastle lawn

In less than a week, Arsenal have arguably ruined their entire season. The London club, long in the race for qualification in the Champions League, fell to 5th place in the Premier League in the final sprint by conceding a defeat to Newcastle (0-2) for the second time in a row on Monday, four days in a row. after the heavy setback in the derby against Tottenham (0-3).

Arsenal missed their match

Doubled down by Antonio Conte’s Spurs, Sunday’s winners against Burnley (1-0), Mikel Arteta’s team are now two points off 4th place a day from the end. Arsenal no longer have their fate in their own hands. I am unbelievably du. It’s very painful. It was in our hands and today it is no more the Gunners manager regretted after the meeting.

As so often in recent years, Arsenal missed an important moment in their season. Facing the Magpies, Alexandre Lacazette’s team-mates never gave the impression that they could win or fight for a place in C1. We didn’t do anything in this match. They were much better than us in all areas of the game. We were bad with the ball Arteta admitted.

G. Xhaka – we don’t deserve to play in the Champions League

Moments later, his midfielder Granit Xhaka made the same observation. From the first to the last minute, we didn’t even deserve to be on the pitch! I can’t explain why. We have not respected the plan drawn up at all, we have not cost the coach anything, the Swiss international admitted at the Sky Sports microphone. We delivered a disastrous performance. We don’t deserve to play in the Champions League, or even in the Europa League.

Again, the ghost appears to have played a wicked trick on the players who didn’t respond to the challenge of this encounter on the grassy pitch of St James’ Park. If a player was not ready for this match, all he had to do was stay home, Xhaka launched. It’s not a matter of age. If you are too nervous, stay on the couch or at home! We need players who have the balls to play.

On the way to 6th season in a row without C1

For the 38th and final matchday of the Premier League to be played on Sunday, the calculation is simple: to finish in the top 4 Arsenal must beat Everton and count on Tottenham’s defeat to Norwich, the 20th in the standings to have won just three league games in 2022. Suffice it to say, the Gunners need a miracle not to live without the Champions League for the sixth season in a row. An attack.

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