“I’m going to break my TV, it’s a scandal”, “you are the best” … Louise’s qualification in Top Chef causes a tense discussion among internet users

Louise Bourrat qualified for the Top Chef quarterfinals from the first round and reacted to internet users, some of whom were annoyed by her behaviour.

Next Wednesday, May 18, 2022, M6 will broadcast a new episode of top chef† The stakes were high for the five candidates remaining in the race as it was a matter of qualifying for the quarter-finals of the competition. And the first to win her place – judged in the vol-au-vent event by a certain Jean Imbert – is Louise Bourrat† Which doesn’t seem like it, but not at all to grab the television viewers in front of their screens last night. If the cook’s impeccable career suggests her excellent level… her temperament leaves some people a little skeptical! On Twitter, the faithful of Stéphane Rotenberg’s program did not get off the ground.

I can’t stand Louise’s personality anymore

When they begin to lightly mock the little quirks of the Brigadier General of Hélène Darroze (who very regularly cites her family history to find inspiration for her dishes): “Spoiler alert: The vol-au-vent will remind Louise of her great-grandmother who thought she was an aviator“, laughs a surfer. Spirits quickly warm up when the red candidate qualifies, ahead of his competitor Mickaël Braure (who was also eliminated as the last chance): “Louise just stole Michael’s house. I’m going to break my TV, it’s a scandalWe lose Mickaël, but we still have to struggle Louise I’m living a nightmare“, we deeply regret the social network. Some even see an advantage there on the production side: “I’m starting to feel the dice being loaded in Louise’s favor“, accuses one Twitter user.”She is an excellent cook. But I can’t stand Louise’s personality anymore‘ adds another.

We don’t taste, we can’t judge

If Louise herself had noticed that the editing of the show made her seem much more competitive than she actually was, the young woman is of course also entitled to statements of support. †It’s fun to moan about a candidate being kicked out, but we, we don’t taste, we can’t judge, come on Louise you’re the best“, a fan responds on Twitter. An opinion shared by another internet user “I don’t understand why Louise is not lovedI love the character and on top of that she has good ideas every timewhile some even see a bit of misogyny in these many snide remarks:It makes you mad that a woman succeeds with trust“, a user dares to confirm.

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