Jorge Sampaoli sows doubt about his future!

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“I don’t know if I’ll be there next season or not, I’m not thinking about that at the moment”† These words are those of Jorge Sampaoli, present at a press conference this Thursday, before taking delivery of Racing Club de Strasbourg (Saturday, 9 pm) as part of the 38th and final day of Ligue 1. Canebière and who has reason to take Marseille- fans to worry, because if the trend is the same to continue the Marseille adventure, especially in the case of the Champions League, nothing says yet that the Argentinian will sit on the OM bench next August, while his contract is running. until June 2023.

The Argentine technician, who brought up the subject again by the journalists present in the Commanderie, certainly remembered that his priority remained this decisive confrontation against Strasbourg, but nevertheless wanted to say more about what the scales are in one direction or the other. could pass. “The real question is why do we want to play in the Champions League next season? For the money or to be competitive? We have to be clear and sincere about that, we have to know why we want this goal, it’s important that everyone knows that .”Sampaoli assured before sending a direct message to his management.

Jorge Sampaoli demands sincerity from OM!

“Do we want to be part of this competition? It is up to OM to be sincere, because then the project will be decided on the basis of this sincere response. If we want to play the Champions League unnoticed, I don’t think it’s very useful. If we want to do it to be competitive, we need to build a workforce accordingly. There will always be criticism, but that’s not what’s important to me, it’s important to know what we’re aiming for by targeting this competition. This is what the big clubs are doing at this level. You have to be clear, you have to show yourself as you are.

Determined and sure of his intentions, Jorge Sampaoli could thus continue the adventure in the city of Marseille, but one thing is certain: his future will largely depend on the ambitions the club has expressed for next season and the resources that will be allocated to him. A condition that is more present than ever in his speech: “If the goal is more economic than sporting, it increases the pressure and that’s not normal, that’s what happened for OM during the last Champions League campaign and it was sad to see that, to see those results. 60,000 spectators will still be there, but you have to be sincere and the whole club has to follow, the chairman, the shareholder everyone, for this kind of competition you have to be competitive.† There is now no doubt that an XXL summer transfer window from Pablo Longoria and others could certainly convince the Argentine to continue his Marseille idyll.

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