Mercato: Pogba, Juve have an asset in store

At the end of Manchester United’s contract, which he will leave this summer, Paul Pogba will have the choice of returning. Juventus, his former club, have already offered him a three-year lease, but with a salary offer that is lower than competitors.

Will Pogba return to Turin six years after his departure?

This time it’s the right one. Since his return to Manchester United in 2016, Paul Pogba has often been announced to be leaving, but has never taken any action.

Now, at the end of the contract, and having turned down all renewal offers from his management, it would take an incredible turn of events to see him continue his adventure with the Red Devils. It is therefore no longer a secret for anyone: the midfielder is (finally) leaving, 99.9%, but where to?

Juve offers little financially, but a lot in sport

A world champion in the prime of his life (29 years) is naturally very courteous. Ask any club in the world if they want Pogba on their roster, and they’ll probably say yes. Especially if he has already seen the phenomenon at work in the past, such as Juventus, where the Habs shone between 2012 and 2016 before returning to the Premier League. Aiming to quickly regain the heights, the Old Lady has made the Le Havre-trained player a priority.

He was offered a three-year contract, with an annual salary of €8 million (+ €2 million in bonuses). Enough to convince him? As explained by the very knowledgeable Gianluca Di Marzio, this is the lowest offer since January 1 to his agents. Competitors, including Paris Saint-Germain, all offered more La Pioche. But Juve has one asset in store: the sports project, which will revolve around the French midfielder.

Competition Madrid, indecision Paris

At Real Madrid, which has followed him for years, and at Paris Saint-Germain, with his dressing room full of egos, it would be impossible for Pogba to make the same offer. And after his lucrative return to England, the French were therefore able to be guided by choices more focused on the round ball. But he still hasn’t made a final decision at the moment, explains our colleague, who mainly works with Sky Sport Italia.

Still, according to Di Marzio, the last word will go to the player. And not its representatives, as may have been the case in the past. Good news for Juventus, because it will be able to convince him thanks to the sporting project, and not financially. Other positives? Madrid, competition is raging in the middle and could scare many, while PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelafi is rumored to be not as eager as its sporting director Leonardo to sign Pogba. The Old Lady knows what to do.

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