“My favorite comeback? The one against PSG”

Luka Modric received the “Marca Legend” trophy on Wednesday, which is none other than the highest accolade awarded by the Spanish daily.

The Croat said he was honored and happy to receive this trophy. “I want to thank MARCA for this award. It is an honor to receive an award from such an important media not only in Spain but around the world. It is an honor to be next to such great athletes. I want to thank my family and those who are by my side, my teammates and the coaches I’ve had all these years I always say I prefer titles individual titles but the truth is I’m very happy with this one price”.

Then he had another word for the supporters, who are very dear to him: “I am aware of the love that the supporters have for me, they show it to me during matches, on the street… It’s unbelievable, I am grateful for the love they show me every day. I always try to do my best when I put on the Madrid jersey to return that affection to them.”

“Real Madrid is everything to me, it’s my home, I feel very happy at this club, from the very first moment it’s something incredible. I feel like I’m part of Madrid, I’m still a madridista and it’s for life.” †

Modric knows that he also enjoys the general recognition from football fans, which he is very proud of: “It’s very important, I always try to be respectful to my opponents, to other fans. Maybe they notice and that’s why they see me.” show so much respect”.

Real’s Champions League journey this season

“It’s very difficult to explain what happened in the Bernabeu on Champions League nights, it’s really something magical. We never gave up, we fought to the end because that’s what this club teaches, don’t give up It’s hard to explain, especially this year when there have been a lot of magical evenings. I hope it always will be,” said Modric, adding: “The most magical thing was to win La Décima, it was so special that if I had to keep a memory, it would be this one”.

photo marca

Modric then answered questions from the children who attended the ceremony, dressed in Real Madrid and Croatia shirts. “My father taught me to play football on the street. We always went out to try different things. My outside of the foot? It’s natural, it comes naturally to me, I’ve always loved doing it, since I was a kid. There’s no secret.”

He then gave some advice to the youngest: “When you are a child, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy what you do. Then you have to follow your dreams, have faith in yourself and work day in day out, because Being a footballer is very difficult, but also a lot of fun. And if you ever get to play for Real Madrid, that’s the best thing that could happen to you.”

“It was 15 or 20 minutes of madness”

He still spoke about the comebacks: “The most complicated was the one against City, because time was running out, but the team and the fans believed in it until the end, it’s part of the game.” DNA of this club. In the end we succeeded. The best was the match against PSG. It was 15 or 20 minutes of madness because it is very difficult to explain what happens on Champions League nights at the Bernabeu. It was the beginning of many magical nights that took us all the way to Paris, and we hope to win another Champions League.”

Finally, the Croat spoke about his future and the possibility of ending his career at Real: “I hope I can retire in Madrid. It is here at home, I feel very happy at the club, in the city, very popular with the people.” My family is also very happy, so I hope to continue for a few more years and, if possible, finish my career at Real Madrid.”

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