Nathalie Marquay, happiness, “She has found love”

As she barely recovers from the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the man of her life who died of lung cancer, Nathalie Marquay is the target of a strange rumor. She would have turned the page and even found love again.

This is the announcement of France Mag, who reveals a photo of the ex-beauty queen with a few years months. “She has found love again,” it reads.
And at no point is there any mention of his sentimental life on the inside pages.

The love referred to is that of the stage, which she found a few days after her husband’s death. Nathalie Marquay has promised her that she will not give up touring with her play “Les Tontons Farceurs”.

Lou and Tom’s mother also made the front page of the Gala, where she spoke about her husband’s causes of death. And it wouldn’t be cancer.

“I know his body is extremely weakened by the cancer treatments, but there are still questions. He was rushed to hospital never to be released again,” she said. The late Pope of 1pm TF1 fell victim to a mini-stroke, the origin of which is unknown.

“Then the heart valve turned out to be damaged, while there was no problem on that side a month and a half earlier. ‘ she told Gala.

In Touche pas à mon poste she had targeted the vaccine against Covid. But in Gala she makes no mention of it.

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