The sale of the club has been confirmed, the negotiations are “well advanced”

He made this known on Wednesday afternoon by bringing club employees together. Angers SCO chairman Said Chabane has confirmed that the Ligue 1 club is on the verge of being sold, we heard from a close source, who spoke of “advanced” negotiations. No official information has been filtered on the identity of the buyer, but it could be a US investment fund called GFS, the paper said. The team

Angers’ town hall confirmed in a press release that the club’s president had called the mayor Christophe Béchu “to inform him that he was entering into exclusive negotiations with a view to transferring the majority of the club to buyers”. “The City of Angers takes note of this announcement and the outlook. The mayor will have the opportunity in the coming weeks to meet the candidates for the takeover of the club,” she says.

Pressured by the DNCG

CEO of the Cosnelle group, specializing in processed meats and processed meats, Said Chabane, 57, previously owned 99% of the club’s capital, which he joined in 2011. Chabane, son of a lawyer of Kabyle descent, arrived in France at the age of 23 for his engineering education. In February 2020, he was charged with aggravated sexual assault, following complaints from four young women, employees or former employees of the club. In September 2021, he was charged with similar charges following complaints from two other women.

The sale process comes at a time when the SCO, which recently took care of maintenance in L1 for next season, urgently needs to put its finances in order. Since July 2021 and a muscular intervention by the DNCG, the financial police officer of French football, Angers has been trying to reduce his payroll. The club recorded an operating deficit of 31 million euros in the 2020-2021 season, according to figures from the DNCG.

Saïd Chabane had been looking for a new investor for several months, what he called ‘a matter of survival’ last year. According to club officials, the manager did not have the financial scope to secure the club’s future, especially as several key players will have to be replaced during the summer transfer window and the threat of relegation will increase next season with four clubs relegated from L1 to L1. L2 to reduce the elite of French football to 18 teams.

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