We explain all about the reality TV phenomenon in the United States!

As the show begins its 12th season in the United States, a French version should be hitting our screens soon.

They are rich, they are famous, they are among the most influential women in their community and most importantly, their lives are full of twists and turns. While the twelfth season is just beginning its broadcast across the Atlantic, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (which can be translated as “the real housewives of Beverly Hills”) has become one of the franchise’s most popular formats in just a few years. Billed as a docu-soap, the show follows the daily lives of various American housewives and wives living in Beverly Hills, California. But not alone. Indeed, in the United States alone, the show has a whopping ten versions in places like Dallas, New York, New Jersey, and Miami. A few years ago, a format was briefly attempted with French women living in America, but without success. According to the latest news, producers are renewing the experience by making a version made in France but in Paris. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

If the show may not work in France, it is already a hit in the United States, where some of these “housewives” have become veritable public figures who link magazine covers together just as quickly as projects to monetize their recent celebrity. Among the latter, Kyle Richards, twelve seasons on the clock, as many quarrels with his comrades and a husband of a real estate agent whose turnover is several hundred million dollars. Anecdotally, but no less important, this fifty-something is also the aunt of Paris Hilton. A line from her resume that she doesn’t hesitate to share when the opportunity arises. And it works. A few months a year there are several million viewers to follow his daily adventures. Between social dinners, family life, and dream vacations, the beautiful brunette with a face slightly retouched by cosmetic surgery — like all her acolytes, some of whom didn’t go with the back of the spoon — shares everything. From quarrels with her sisters to the scandal that her husband grants an affair over the burglary of which she was a victim, nothing escapes the gaze of the cameras that are on her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to the weekly broadcast of episodes on television, it is mainly on social networks that these oversupplied millionaires are building buzz. A key element for several seasons, Yolanda Hadid (@yolanda.hadid), mother of models Bella and Gigi, thus fell victim to haters who accused her of being tyrannical with her daughters. Ditto for Erika Girardi (@theprettymess), wife of Tom Girardi, an American lawyer famous for his victory in a drinking water pollution case narrated in the film Erin Brockovich, Alone Against All† Currently at the heart of a scandal, the sulphurous blonde is accused of embezzling millions of dollars from her husband and primarily intended for victims of a plane crash. A bleak picture for the latter who now tries to defend herself tooth and nail against those who accuse her of living a high life at the expense of the small people.

Yes, you will have understood, it is a bit of royalty in question The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills† But American style. While Europe raves about Kate Middleton’s choice of outfits, Americans prefer the adventures of these women whose escapades and sometimes questionable tastes drive them to the heart of an America made up of privilege. However, in a country where wealth and success are not synonymous with sacrilege, Californians’ jewelry, luxury cars, and grandiose mansions are the stuff of dreams. Worse, after spending several seasons scrutinizing their lives, we’d almost become attached to these characters who, despite their fortunes, aren’t all that different from us after all. We didn’t say much.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is available in France through the Hayu app.

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