Tomorrow is ours: the series takes a fresh start after a violent death, we tell you everything!

This marks a new beginning. Alexandra Naoum left the cast of fiction because of a drama. Her character, Louise, died of poisoning. A particularly sad and shocking death considering that it happened at his wedding. After the broadcast of the episode, on May 16, 2022, the actress shared her reaction and her recognition on Instagram and in an interview for Télé Poche.

Tomorrow is ours: it’s a new beginning

Many fans were certainly surprised by this turnaround. Indeed, the episode that aired Monday, May 16 on TF1 undoubtedly shocked with the violent death of a character from the series. This is Louise, who died poisoned during her marriage to Bart.

He who says death, says departure. And the one who will leave is none other than Alexandra Naoum. As a reminder, the latter has embodies Louise on the screen for a year and a half. After all the time she’s spent on movie sets, this departure must be hard for her. She also spoke about it in a May 16 Instagram post.

“A page will be turned tonight, a chance for me to express my gratitude after a year and a half with these great teams,” she captioned a photo taken from the scene where Louise is in Bart’s arms.

Of course, the actress did not forget to thank her loved ones and the teams “Tomorrow is to us”. In particular, she had a special thought for Hector Langevin, who, let’s not forget, was her on-screen husband.

Hector Langevin also spoke

Alexandra Naoum wasn’t the only one to take over her Instagram account. On the same date, his stage partner, Hector Langevin, also sent a tender message to the young woman.

“You have been a meeting, an advisor, a confidante, a partner and a part of my extraordinary life. Every moment of filming, the two of us, is now etched deep in my heart and I know (you know what I’m talking about ) that it’s not over yet (…) You will always be my first fictitious marriage and especially this extraordinarily talented woman in my eyes.The respect and admiration I have for you is matched only by your beauty and your kindness. Bart misses you terribly. I kiss you tenderly.”, the comedian wrote.

This beautiful statement is sure to please the main stakeholder.

“I leave enriched”

As we mentioned above, Alexandra Naoum joined the cast of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us” over a year ago, in December 2020. During this period, the actress performed her role to perfection. That said, she learns in early 2022 that her character would die poisoned at her wedding.

She made this revelation during her interview recently published in Télé Poche:

“Aude Thévenin (artistic producer, editor’s note) told me about it over lunch last January. We all know that in a daily series, no character is safe from a violent death. †

The French actress and director of Lebanese descent also did not hesitate to react to her departure. Obviously this saddens him. She puts it into perspective in the fact that she leaves “with panache”. Indeed, the 35-year-old young woman loves the way the story is written. Despite everything, they are good memories she keeps from her adventure in “Tomorrow Is Ours”.

“I leave enriched by wonderful encounters, starting with Hector Langevin and my fictional children. (…) It’s a team spirit and I really liked that”, she confided to our colleagues.

When will he return to the small screen? Stay tuned to find out!

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