Cabestany: the sports festival celebrates its 35th edition

Saturday, May 28 from 10:00 am, the Youth and Sports Department of the city invites you to a day of sports and educational leisure for everyone in the Germanor.

From Monday 23 May, the school sports teams, who compete for trophies and tournaments, will follow each other on the grounds and in the gymnasium of the Nelson-Mandela complex. But it is at the end of the week that the entire municipal structure dedicated to sports will be devoted to the many activities offered to families and young people, as well as to the mythical Cabes’race, the culmination of this annual festival hailed by the many lovers of all kinds of challenges and diving in the mud. Every year they rush with the same joy over the increasingly crazier obstacles that demarcate two courses of 3.7 km and 1.8 km, borrowed according to the age and stamina of the participants. The organizers this time put up some beautiful delusional structures suitable for spending a night without waking up after being tamed.

“In addition to the usual water pools, there are climbing nets, bouncy castles full of surprises, hanging ladders, sliding mats, slides and maze in the brambles”, describes host Alex Sisounthone.

50 students from Emsat (School of Sports and Tourism Activities), will strengthen the organizers of the Youth Area and the Sports Section to help participants of all ages pass the obstacles without incident.

Have some leftover energy to spend? No problem, a cross-fit workshop led by Drop in fit is planned.

Exercise is good, but prevention and safety are essential. There will also be entertainment stands around these themes throughout the day. “We will have a frontal crash simulator, explains Nicolas Rubira, head of the PIJ. It reminds users that an accident is never harmless, even at low speed. There will also be a scooter driving simulator from the Association for Road Training and Education (Afer66). Kids can get a small driver’s license aboard carts on a road track. Young driving school trainers will offer various activities and the public can test a reactionometer that measures emergency braking time.

For the conviviality, the associations PIJ, Ride’in Cabes and Cabes’jeunesse and 30 young volunteers provide refreshments and the snack bar. The musical atmosphere is transferred to a DJ cabestanyenc student at EMSAT. A raffle full of prizes by the town’s merchants and the Catalan dragons will reward the lucky ones.

A wonderfully vitaminized and educational day in perspective.

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