Jean-Pierre Papin could finally leave C’Chartres Football, a possible return to OM

There will probably be no official farewell ceremony next Saturday, May 21, after the last home game of the season against Vannes. But against all odds, this may well be the very last time that C’Chartres Football supporters will see Jean-Pierre Papin settle on the sidelines of the Jacques-Couvret stadium. After two seasons with CCF, the Ballon d’Or 1991 was, according to our information, on the way. An unexpected turnaround.

“Of course I’ll stay, the question isn’t even addressed! By early May, when the last hopes of a climb to the National had just evaporated, JPP had cleared all doubts. At the end of the contract, the coach had announced his intention to continue the adventure with the CCF for a third season in a row. “When I agreed to come, my goal was to get Chartres nationally and I will do everything I can to get there. I have one more year to complete the challenge. †

premium Coach Jean-Pierre Papin extends the adventure at C’Chartres Football

Twenty days later, things have changed and his future no longer seems certain written on the banks of the Eure, where he has always said he likes it. The coach did not confirm his departure Friday, May 20, and reiterated that he would still be Chartrain at the start of the school year. But it could be a matter of timing…

Rumors, very persistent, do not send Jean-Pierre Papin to Bordeaux, even though he had recently confided that he would say yes to the Girondins in case of a request. They bring him back to Olympique de Marseille, the club where he became a legend. An icon. His presence in the coves of the Vélodrome next to Marseille president Pablo Longoria during the Europa League Conference semifinal against Feyenoord Rotterdam on May 5, therefore no longer seems so insignificant…

Who should succeed him?

At the age of 58, JPP is said to have received a proposal in recent days that cannot be rejected. Exactly thirty years after his departure to AC Milan, he would not make his big return to OM with the hat of head coach, but perhaps with responsibilities among young people.

In Chartres, he launched a few. His two seasons with CCF, during which he did not win membership, allowed him to return to work after a five-year hiatus and return to the track.

If the news is confirmed, Chartres will soon have to consider the question of a successor. The most obvious number leads to Thierry Bocquet. The Drancy native, named JPP assistant for the winter break, has already served as No. 1 at this level of N2 in Poissy and Beauvais. Another solution would be the return of Jean-Guy Wallemme.

The Northerner, who did a good job during the first two seasons of the CCF’s existence, from 2018 to 2020, has just been sidelined in Fréjus/Saint-Raphaël (N2). To see… But before an arrival there is a possible farewell to enjoy.

Franck Thebault

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