More beautiful life (spoiler): the end of Jacob, the shocking departure of Kylian on France 3

Kylian’s unforgivable actions keep the series in suspense more beautiful life † From Monday 30 May 2022, the series will be back after the break week in connection with the international tournament of Roland-Garros.

Kylian discovers the disastrous consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, on France 3, Jacob wakes from his coma after being shot and wounded by Matthieu Lombard while hunting in Croatia.

Jacob reveals the truth in Plus belle la vie

Indeed, the serial killer is in the hospital and tries to escape, but without success. In the following episodes of the soap opera France 3, Jacob (Christophe Morillon) is held up by two police officers and remains in the Marseille-Est room. It’s the end of the killer’s run.

Ariadne (Lola Marois) interrogates the peacekeepers’ killer and wants to know how important Camille’s involvement (Lisa Ciprian) in the murders of young law enforcement officers. But the latter is silent. Suddenly, he reveals that Emma’s sister was just his slave for years and could play with his emotions the way he felt.

Meanwhile Kevin (Theo Bertrand) realizes his feelings for Camille. Baptist (Bryan Treasure) warns him and asks his friend to protect himself from the toxicity of Jacob’s henchman. But Laetitia’s son is sure of himself, he decides to take on this relationship in the eyes of everyone and starts announcing it to Emma (Pauline Bression) and Baptist.

Kylian leaves Betty on France 3

The tensions are palpable in high school. Indeed, everyone is aware of Kylian’s hitting on Betty. In Vincent Scotto’s high school class, no one wants to speak to the teenager in the next issues of more beautiful life† sunalee (Alexe Guidonic) threatens the teacher to leave if Sophie Courcel’s child does not leave the course.

lol (Mary Mallia) therefore tries to make his brother open his eyes after his unforgivable deeds. Unfortunately, the latter is still not realistic about the seriousness of the charges against him. Even Thomas (Laurent Kerusore) and Gabriel taught him when he learned the truth.

A few days later, however, the consequences of Betty’s complaint fall. A measure of removal is pronounced. Since Betty (Horya Benabet) is the victim in this story, Lola’s brother must decide to leave the establishment. It’s the beginning of the descent to hell for Kylian after an idyllic relationship with Betty.

The continuation of the adventures of the Mistral quarter can be found in the following issues of more beautiful life Monday to Friday from 20:20 on the France 3 antenna.

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