Nikos Aliagas hospitalized in secret, severe stomach pain, revelation about his condition

Absent from The Voice’s semifinal, where he was replaced by Alessandra Sublet, Nikos Aliagas was at his worst. He is said to have undergone martyrdom before being rushed to hospital.

Details of his condition were provided by France on Sunday, May 20.
On May 13, “the day of his 53rd birthday, his fate was about to change again.”

It was on that day that he was rushed to hospital “after severe abdominal pain accompanied by bleeding”.
He is said to have suffered a hernia in silence ever since, the publication said, recalling that Nikos Aliagas could have lost his life at birth due to a heart defect.

“He, the regular on anti-inflammatories, should have accepted that he was being looked after seriously by a medical team. He, being so professional, had to announce with a heavy heart that his channel was temporarily unable to ensure the animation of this great telecrochet of which he is the emblem,” the publication says, referring to his absence from The Voice.

And since then he would have had surgery in the most secret, and he would be better. Nikos Aliagas could even host the tele-hook final.

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