Aurélie Laurent launches its network of 100% Auvergne sports clubs

The adventure of Auvergne Aurélie Laurent is like a fairy tale. Passionate about fitness, the young graduate with a scientific baccalaureate chose the Creps de Vichy before launching her association on her land, in Mauriat. We will be in September 2005. “I very quickly felt the desire of people to make an effort in the countryside. So I went to the bank to explain to them that I wanted to set up a sports hall in this village of 300 inhabitants by renovating an old garage! “ recalls the 1940s.

From the beginning to the campaign…

In six years, the sportswoman has 600 customers. A success that prompted her to open a “club worthy of name” in Lempdes-sur-Allagnon (Haute-Loire) with all the comforts necessary for the practice of sports. A small bonus, Aurélie treats herself to a swimming pool.

“It was a full box. We’ve doubled the number of customers to 1,200 subscribers. We had more customers than residents in the city,” de Auvergne smiles happily.

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Agitaform: a quick “success story”

The meeting with the Montel brothers

In 2018 she will be offered the opportunity to strengthen her company. Bernard and Dominique Montel, renowned businessmen, offered to open a room on their land in Brivadoise. “Professionally, it was love at first sight,” admits Aurélie Laurent. The Agitaform from Brioude makes the counters explode with 600 delighted customers.

In line with their parents, Bernard and Dominique have built an empire in the confection

Rather than drop him on one knee, the 2019-2020 Covid episode allows him to mature his expansion projects. “I am an optimist and I told myself that we should take advantage of the free time to further improve our offer around our DNA of proximity.” At the first inclusion, Agitaform invests in digital. At 6 p.m., nearly 150 lives will be offered to prevent athletes from dropping out.

When it overwhelms the minds, the second incarceration motivates Aurélie Laurent to get into health sports even more. “I thought our customers needed us even more. I didn’t want to be a cheap gym for renting equipment.” Then everyone is offered a health check, in addition to a dietician and sports coaches. The structure even offers an architectural facelift, made of wood, plants and metal, close to nature. And the start of a new adventure…

Aurélie Laurent, director and creator of Agitaform. Thierry Nicola’s photo.
…to the city challenge

“We told ourselves that there was a demand in the average city for all those active people who want to exercise with ease,” explains the Auvergnate. An ambition that has to get out of the ground very quickly in Thiers, Saint-Pourçain and Billom. Yssingeaux and Vic-le-Comte should follow. A new challenge in the city that does not really scare sports enthusiasts. “I have always taken small steps, listening to people’s wishes without ever getting carried away. A winning formula for the 40-year-old, now at the helm of the very first network of 100% Auvergne sports clubs!

Carole Eon

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