David Hasselhoff laughs at himself in “Ze Network”, insane German series

An amazing project! David Hasselhoff caused a stir at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival this Sunday by presenting the world premiere of the new series of which he is the hero, Ze network† In this German fiction created by Christian Alvart, the ex-star ofBaywatch portrays his own role in the style of Jean-Claude Van Damme in Jean Claude Van Johnson or the Beverly Hills team in Beverly Hills: BH90210† Welcome to a blocked, fun and hypermeta universe.

« Ziggy [Siegfried Kamml, le producteur] really wanted to work with David. He’s a big star in Germany and that’s no joke. David saw my series Dogs of Berlin and wanted to do something with me. We met and when I saw who he was, this idea sprouted in my head,” said Christian Alvart, after the screening on the stage of the Grimaldi Forum.

A series inspired by David Hasselhoff

Two months later, the screenwriter pitched the concept of the series to David Hasselhoff: “David was a little scared, but he trusted me enough to accept it. “I really had no idea what I had just started. Christian just said to me, “Do it and give it your all.” and I did. The Hasselhoffs do what they have to do, albeit BaywatchK-2000 or an advertisement,” explains David Hasselhoff.

In the UFO Ze network“David Hasselhoff plays a fictional version of himself: “It’s not the truth, but I was very inspired by conversations with David,” emphasizes Christian Alvart, who also signs the staging.

Ze network begins with a sequence in which David Hasselhoff makes a cameo appearance as David Hasselhoff in a Z-series action movie. Then David Hasselhoff complains to his agents that he is tired of making cameos in second-rate movies.

A dizzying mise en abyme meta

The David Hasselhoff of Ze network is an aging actor who struggles to find roles. To reinvigorate his career, he agrees to star in an avant-garde play, in what he believes to be a large theater in the former East Berlin, only to discover that it was made from a small room “east of Berlin”, in Görlitz, a city of the former GDR. In this play he plays together with the German actor, born in the GDR, Henry Hübchen, who also plays himself.

In the fiction, the two actors met during the Cold War, when Henry Hübchen was working as a secret agent for the East German secret service. While rehearsals for the piece are going well, David Hasselhoff, in spite of himself, will become entangled in a conspiracy involving a spy network established before the fall of the wall. A bizarre story on paper that works surprisingly well on screen.

Deliberate malfunction

Especially since, to make matters worse, we don’t know if the fictional David Hasselhoff is hallucinating or if it really happens… “The main line of my character is: ‘I’m losing my mind'”, laughs the real David Hasselhoff .

There’s a bit of Ten percent in Ze network like when the music of K-2000 sounds on the actor’s cell phone, but also gore and black humor as in the boys† “She finally had a brain,” exclaims the fictional David Hasselhoff, as an influencer allegedly involved in the piece explodes like a puzzle. “There is a bit of dark humor in it, but also very serious themes. I want the spectators to never know for sure where I’m taking them,” Christian Alvart sums up.

As soon as he sets foot in Germany, we also have the impression that the fictional David Hasselhoff in a frenzied episode of The fourth dimension† “Christian made my character a little confused and disoriented, but that’s how I was during filming,” says David Hasselhoff.

A funny story about friendship

And it’s not for nothing that there were some communication problems with the other hero of ZeNetwork, Hendrik Hubchen. “David speaks English, I speak German. David doesn’t understand German, I don’t understand English well, my English is very bad. But we had a magician, Christian, who brought us together,” explains Henry Hübchen, visibly amused by this shoot. Lost in translation

But that didn’t stop the two actors from getting along well. “David and Henry met at the restaurant the day before the first day of filming in Poland. David said: “Hello, my name is David Hasselhoff. I don’t speak German, but I can sing in German” and he sang. Henry said: “Hello, my name is Henry Hübchen, I don’t speak English, but I can sing in Polish” and he sang and since then they have become the two best friends in the world without understanding each other,” said Siegfried Kaml, the producer of Ze network

Results ? After watching two episodes, Ze network promises to be a funny series in which David Hasselhoff shows a lot of self-mockery, incredible with its spy part, but also very intriguing. “I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t think it would be so different. It’s a surprise even to me! ‘ concludes the real David Hasselhoff, drawing a very successful return to the small screen.

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