Luis Campos is going to tighten the screw in Paris, the dressing room has been warned!

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On June 10, PSG formalized the expected news. Luis Campos and his reputation as a talent scout moved to Paris to take charge of the capital’s sports project. For the time being, this is reflected in a Mercato who has already taken a different turn, and the choice for a coach who seriously leaves his mark.

But in a few days the recovery will sound at PSG and the Paris dressing room will also be confronted with the demand from Luis Campos. Requirement passed on by the Parisian telling the hard worker that Luis Campos can “go to three different countries in the same day” to observe players or an appointment, but also a man capable of defining a winning organization. “He laid the foundations for making LOSC a club of a very high level in terms of organization. The player only had to think about training and matches. Everything was foreseen,” explains Fernando Da Cruz, former general manager of the LOSC- training center.

Luis Campos can fire a player

But above all, Luis Campos is clearly a man who does not forgive anything on a daily basis. This promises to be particularly interesting in a PSG locker room where differences may have been commonplace. In particular, Le Parisien tells of a Luis Campos who is able to ban mobile phones for a main match between Lille and Dijon in 2017-18, but also to sack a player who does not respect the rules, in this case Yves Bissouma . “He’s a character, when he yells, he yells, but he’s not pretentious. He’s confident in what he’s doing and when the guys run with him, it’s because they’re also confident it’s going to work.” explains a former LOSC employee, Will Luis Campos be able to win the same bond with the PSG players? That is the question of the coming months…

to summarise

Arriving ten days ago in his post as PSG’s sports adviser, Luis Campos will soon be confronted with the realities of the Parisian workforce. With a demand that should break the habits on the side of the capital club.

Julien Pedebos

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