The music festival is “a ritual that has entered the minds and hearts” of the French, delights Jack Lang

For Jack Lang, former culture minister of François Mitterrand and creator of the music festival, this event, held all over France on Tuesday evening, has become an “almost republican and national rite”.

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The music festival is “a ritual that has entered heads and hearts” of the French, on Tuesday, June 21, looked forward to franceinfo Jack Lang, the creator of the most essential cultural event of the year in France.

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The 40th Fête de la Musique sounds like “meeting” after two years of Covid-19 for the former culture minister. “For the French, it has become a ritual that has entered their minds and hearts. It is something that no one can touch, an almost republican and national rite”he explained.

Despite “the army of skeptics” accusing Jack Lang of creating a popular party and taking music out of conservatories, the former minister stood his ground. However, he himself did not believe much in his idea:

“I was very nervous. I told myself that this appeal to all music lovers could remain a bit like the recent abstainers in the elections, they would remain locked up at home…”

“Like snails after the rain they came out one after the other and invaded the streets, the squares, the squares. And it was great‘ he recalls.

He also remembers the support of François Mitterrand who “Always on the side of new ideas, avant-garde attempts: I had no fear on the side of the president”, he said. Behind this music festival was a real cultural ambition: “It’s not a trick to play, it was the other side of a musical policy that wanted to associate creators and citizens alike‘ he claimed.

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