Bruno Genesio (Rennes) still “confident” for Kim Min-jae

Before the first friendly in Friborg, this Saturday (5:30 pm), the Rennais held a session this Friday morning in front of a large audience, like all week, and under the eyes of shareholder François Pinault. “We are growing in intensity”noted Bruno Genesio, who will set up a different composition per half against sixth in the Bundesliga last season. “Most have 45 minutes, except Birger (Meling) and lovro (Important), who came back last and who will play between 20 and 30 minutes. Steve (Mandanda) nohe won’t be with us. He gradually resumes and plays in Caen on Wednesday. Tomorrow, in the goal, it’s Romain (Saline) an hour and Elyas (damergy) 30 minutes “.

Genesio expects two central defenders

As for the transfer window, he still expects two centre-backs as a priority: “It’s kind of the only thing, not what bothers me, but what irritates me a bit, because we are coming to a period with competitions, and we have to work on associations. But hey, the market is very complicated, you have to be patient and it also gives young people the opportunity to show themselves. »Confident a week ago about the arrival of South Korean international defender Fenerbahçe Kim Min-jae, he remains optimistic: “I’m still confident, we’re waiting for it ! (laughs) We’ll say it’s a pretty good start, but as long as there’s nothing official, we’ll have to be careful. »

“I regret the false information that has been released, I am sorry for Sam’ as he did not come for a medical examination under any circumstances”

Bruno Genesio, on Samuel Umtiti

A second axial defender is targeted and Benfica Morato’s young left-handed Brazilian is still part of the committed files. Which no longer seems to be the case with Samuel Umtiti. Speaking of Barcelona’s French international defender, Genesio reacted to the idea that he had an inconclusive medical examination: “I’m sorry for the false information that has been released, I’m sorry for Sam,” because he never came for a medical examination, much less for a medical examination that would have been inconclusive. So it’s serious, I think, for the player and also for us. Because it affects our image, my image because I’m also engaged to him, and I wanted to say that it’s really a little mean and very sad. »

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