Carrefour accused in stockpiling video and denounces “fake news”

A video widely circulated on social networks shows pallets of mustard in a warehouse. The man who is filming assures that he usually delivers to Carrefour stores, but this time he received an “order” to stock these products. Carrefour and the company that produces this mustard have exposed a “fake news” with our colleagues from France Info.

“Apparently there is a shortage of mustard in the shops. Listen, I don’t understand because we’ve had enough, it’s stored dead. We can’t deliver them because we have orders to store them, so we would have to explain ourselves,” says the author of the video about the images of mustard pallets in a warehouse. But Carrefour conducted an “internal investigation” that today allows it to expose “a misleading scheme aimed at damaging” the company’s image.

Four weeks of orders

A version confirmed by the Reine de Dijon company, which produces these jars of mustard. The company recognized its pallets in the video. A surfer even identified one of the products: mustard from the Rustica brand. However, this product is marketed by Leclerc and not by Carrefour.

According to Reine de Dijon, these pallets were therefore sold to the Leclerc group and there was no preservation of products to cause a shortage. If there were so many pallets in the video, it’s because four weeks of orders were grouped into one delivery. In total, 6 to 7 trucks with about 30 pallets each had to collect these products, which would explain the presence of so much mustard in this warehouse.

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