China asks UN Security Council to embargo on small arms

China has asked the UN Security Council to decide on a small arms embargo on Haiti, individual sanctions against gang leaders and even support for the deployment of a regional police force to this violence-ravaged country, diplomatic sources told us on Thursday.

These measures are said to be part of the renewal of the UN political mission that ends Friday evening. The two countries responsible for the dossier in the Security Council, the United States and Mexico, did not intend to go that far in their original draft resolutions and, according to the same sources, the arduous negotiations on the subject continued on Thursday.

Individual sanctions would include travel bans and asset freezes, according to draft text obtained by AFP but not yet final. No comment could be obtained immediately from the United States and Mexico. A vote, initially scheduled for Wednesday, is hoped for Friday, but the time remains uncertain. In recent years, Beijing has become a key player in the Haitian dossier, especially at the UN, diplomats assure, because the recognition of Taiwan by Port-au-Prince was not accepted by China.

In the past, Beijing has rejected any ties to Taiwan and has been violent in rallies to denounce a country sinking into a political and economic crisis, despite multiple international aid and the UN’s deployment through multiple peacekeeping operations led by peacekeepers. We must fight the arms trade in Haiti, push the political authorities out of their lethargy and threaten legal sanctions against those responsible for the violence, a Chinese diplomatic source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

regional police

The draft text provides for an extension until October 15, 2023 of the political mission called Binuh, established in October 2019. It requires the Haitian parties to reach an urgent agreement within six months or earlier to define the framework for a new process. policies leading to presidential and parliamentary elections. The small arms embargo would also affect ammunition and should end the trafficking and kidnappings for ransom that have become common in Haiti.

The resolution would also demand an immediate end to violence and criminal activity, an end to roadblocks and the occupation of public buildings. Beijing also claims that the text asks the UN Secretary-General to consult with countries in the region and regional organizations to support the Haitian police and provide for the deployment of a multinational police force to maintain peace in the country. to restore and protect human rights.

At least 89 people have died in a week in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, in gang clashes, where prices are soaring and fuel shortages are mounting, threatening critical humanitarian aid for residents. For more than two years, gangs have multiplied the number of vicious kidnappings in the city, abducting people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and nationalities.

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