Donald Trump’s New York investigation postponed after first woman’s death

A sworn hearing of former US President Donald Trump in the New York civil investigation into suspected financial fraud at the Trump Organization, scheduled for Friday, has been postponed after the death of his first wife, we learned Friday from a judicial source. “Due to the passing of Ivana Trump yesterday (Thursday), we have received a request from the attorney for Donald Trump and his children to postpone the three statements that we have accepted,” the prosecutor’s office said. York, Letitia James, assuring, without giving a date, that “depositions will be rescheduled as soon as possible”.

“We extend our condolences to the Trump family,” the message added, sent to AFP. After a lengthy legal battle with prosecutor Letitia James, who made this case one of her priorities, the Republican billionaire and two of his children who have responsibilities within the group, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, were forced to go under by a group judge. oath to testify. New York Supreme Court. Donald Jr and Ivanka are, with Eric, the three children of Ivana Trump, who died Thursday at age 73, with Donald Trump.

An investigation opened in March 2019

The hearing of the former president, who openly flirts with a new 2024 presidential candidate, was scheduled for Friday. The investigation was launched in March 2019 after the explosive testimony in US Congress of one of Donald Trump’s former personal lawyers, Michael Cohen, who alleged fraudulent appraisals, up or down, of assets within the Trump Organization, in order to obtain loans, tax cuts or better insurance compensation.

In January, Letitia assured James that she had “uncovered important evidence suggesting that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization falsely and fraudulently appraised a number of assets,” most notably golf courses or the American billionaire’s personal triplex, located in the Trump administration. Tower in New York. Suspicions refuted by Donald Trump’s lawyers, for whom Letitia James, a Democrat, is leading a political “witch hunt.”

The Attorney General does not have the power to indict Donald Trump, but can initiate civil proceedings, notably seeking monetary damages. The alleged facts are also the subject of an investigation, this time criminal, led by Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg. In another episode, the Trump Organization and its former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, a loyal supporter of the former president, were charged with tax evasion and pleaded not guilty. The trial in New York will start this year.

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