DS 7 Elysee. First outing of the new presidential SUV on July 14

You who saw the July 14 festivities, you may have followed the arrival of the convoy escorting Emmanuel Macron, from the Elysée Palace to the Place de l’Etoile (discussed below). A few kilometers in Paris that the head of state acts systematically on board the presidential car. Since November 2021, DS Automobiles has been supplying the President with a DS 7 Crossback Élysée. It is an extended version, armored and embellished with some decorations specially designed for the vehicle.

First appearance of the DS 7 Elysée

Yes, but here it is… After the chic DS SUV was restyled in June of last year, it was impossible for the manufacturer to create a ” old model at such a high-profile ceremony.

DS 7 elysee wheelbase

In the greatest secrecy, the brand has therefore developed a new DS 7 – recognizable in particular by its light signature (DS Light Veil) – with all the arsenal of the Elysian version. The model therefore still has an extended wheelbase of 20 cm (ie 2.94 m) bringing the total length of the vehicle to 4.79 m (compared to 4.57 m for the standard version). This configuration provides more legroom (54.5 cm). To improve interior comfort, two separate seats have been installed instead of the traditional bench seat.

DS 7 Cours Elysee Emmanuel Macron

Two little subtleties for the DS 7 Elysée

DS 7 elysee bodywork RF logo
The letters RF are affixed to the body with tricolor flags.
DS 7 Elysée hood tricolor logo
At the end of the hood, the DS logo has been modified and replaced by a tricolor flag.

Flagship of French craftsmanship, the DS 7 Elysée benefits from black leather upholstery and an Alcantara roof. Many “RF” acronyms for République Française are visible inside and out. The fully armored body is still Ink Blue.

DS 7 Elysée diamond rims
The rims of the DS 7 Elysée are specific to this new model.
DS 7 Elysees wheel lens
The central cabochons feature a blue-white-red flag.

The 20” rims remain specific with axle new – on this 2022 version – a diamond treatment and blue-white-red hubcaps. Flashing lights and flag holders complete the range. Under the hood, the SUV continues to be equipped with a rechargeable hybrid engine. The authorities wanted to keep the 300 hp block and therefore did not target the new 360 ​​hp version, still equipped with 4-wheel drive!

DS 7 elysée palace exit
The DS 7 Elysée made its debut at the parade on July 14, 2022.

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