free swimming lessons organized in four waters in Bas-Rhin

It’s a small group away from the beach, accompanied by educators in fluorescent yellow T-shirts: “Come on, let’s go into the water with the boy and put him under our arms. I want to see the floating feet!” The ten children participate a swimming lesson, as part of the program “Nager Nager”, organized by the swimming committee of Bas-Rhin. There are twelve-day swimming training sessions all summer long offered for free in four waters of the Strasbourg Eurometropolis. Last year, between the months of June and September, 42 accidental drownings took place in the Grand Est, of which a third with deaths.

On June 19, a 22-year-old woman was found dead after drowning in Lake Achard, in Illkirch-Graffenstaden. This is where “Nager nature” took up residence until July 24. Emmanuelle doesn’t look away from her towel from her 4-year-old daughter, who drinks a little from the cup. She registered it for the great heat of summer. “There will inevitably be more people”fears the mother. “Children will be less visible, they will be more easily lost sight of.”

Too many people in the guarded areas

This is also what Raphaël Keller, one of the accompanists of “Nager nature” noted: “There are never too many people in the pools, as the number of people is limited. So it is inevitable that people will fall back on the lakes, which are also free. There will be a lot of people”explains the law student. “And that plays a role in visibility for rescuers. It’s harder. In addition, if there are too many people in a bathing area, people sometimes go to unguarded places where they don’t necessarily know how to swim. That’s a bit dangerous.”

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Dominique also fears on the beach accidentally drown : “It goes very fast with a child!” The pensioner brought her grandson Vlad, who for the time being does not leave the outskirts. “I like the water, but it’s just that I don’t like going too low in the water”, justifies the boy. “I would like him to feel comfortable in the water.” Dominic continues. “And that if a slightly risky situation arises, he can react quickly.” “In addition, there is an accident here every year”adds Alyssa, another mother. “The lakes, with all the whirlpools, are a bit scary…”

Lessons for adults

Many parents also signed up at the last minute, which Raphaël Keller regrets a bit. “We’re in quite a hurry to learn to swim there,” he explains. “It’s a shame we can’t do this all year round to smooth things out.” The student hopes to take advantage of these busy days to make the operation “Natural swimming” even more striking. “If you see us, some people may want to learn how to swim better. You should know that we also have slots for teens and adults. The goal is really that everyone can learn to swim!”

Still, Raphaël Keller reminds us that it’s not because children have learned to swim that parents can take their eyes off them.

Training courses “Natural swimming”

  • From July 12 to 24: Lac Achard, Illkirch-Graffenstaden
  • From July 26 to August 7 (morning): La Ballastière, Bischheim
  • July 26 to August 7 (afternoon): Reichstett
  • August 9-21: Baggersee, Illkirch-Graffenstaden

To sign up for a free session, you must: call directly 07 49 99 94 31.

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