Halo Infinite: An imminent co-op campaign reveal and trial version just as fast!

Game news Halo Infinite: An imminent co-op campaign reveal and trial version just as fast!

It has been a strange journey that the long-awaited Halo Infinite has taken since its release in December 2021. Between them tries to climb the ramp by bringing a few novelties. Among them, Halo hopes to relaunch Infinite soon thanks to the implementation of a functionality that will allow the campaign to be run in co-op. Moreover, this very special addition must be presented tonight!


  • Collaboration, an infinite expectation
  • A presentation tonight! The beta in the pass?

Collaboration, an infinite expectation

In front of Halo InfiniteLife is anything but a long, calm river, as in reality it’s been enameled by a whole host of pitfalls to which 343 Industries’ game has caused a number of bumps. The last? The postponement of the beta phase of the co-op campaign due to a number of identified problems that require a range of solutions. However, if Halo Infinite has received hits that it sometimes struggles to recover from — like the stat that shows there would be more players in its competitor, Battlefield 2042 — it’s not the case of yet another outage that 343 Industries wanted to quickly evacuate.

Halo Infinite: An imminent co-op campaign reveal and trial version just as fast!

Despite this delay, the developers invited us to wait a few more days to learn more about the cooperative campaign and its beta phase. It must be said that expectations are particularly high around this feature, which has been waiting for more than seven months.. Especially since the impatience of the players is already being tested, especially with the Forge mode struggling to arrive, and whose only news comes from a series of leaks. But now, tonight is the big night and 343 Industries is giving us an appointment!

A presentation tonight! The beta in the pass?

Finally, it wasn’t long before we were finally entitled to a presentation that named the collaborative mode of the single player campaign from Halo Infinitejust under a week, so the development studio straightens out after the last minute disappointments. With things settled, the development studio invites us to meet on its YouTube and Twitch channels tonight, July 14 from 10pm CET, to give presentations and discuss it all with fans of the license.

Better yet, the beta phase could be open by the weekend, but 343 Industries will tell us more during the livestream. The last I heard yesterday was that the studio had announced that the trial version was being certified, which was one of the very last steps before launch, and that it hoped it could all happen by the end. of the week: it remains to be seen whether it will be before 15, 16 or 17 July! Note: you can follow the broadcast, or watch it back, thanks to the video above.

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