Holidays: Here are the countries where a traffic violation follows you to France

Crossing a red light in some countries is one of the offenses a French driver will follow. Illustrative photo. (Stark Visuals/Pixabay)

Almost most countries of the European Union have concluded information exchange agreements with France on traffic offences. This means that this type of crime, if committed in one of the countries concerned, will follow you as soon as you return from holiday abroad.

On the occasion of the summer holidays, many French will drive on foreign roads. Pay attention to the highway code, no less important to respect it beyond our borders. This is all the more true as some countries are following up on the violations, recalls

Capital city

. A European Union directive issued on 11 March 2015 allows the exchange of information on traffic offenses between Member States.

It concerns eight types of offenses, including speeding, driving through a red light, driving under the influence and not wearing a seat belt or helmet for two-wheelers. A motorist responsible for one of these traffic rule violations receives the fine in his French mailbox a few weeks later. However, no points are deducted from his license.

New countries every year

In 2015, six countries had signed a data information exchange with France: Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania. The following year it was Austria, Italy and Luxembourg’s turn. Hungary, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Slovakia followed in 2017, followed by the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) in 2018. Ireland and Sweden in 2019 and Denmark in 2020 will be added to the list.

With the exception of Monaco, all countries bordering France have signed the agreement. Because Switzerland, outside the European Union, has a bilateral agreement with France. Currently, 19 countries practice the exchange of information on traffic violations. Finland, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom are the few states that have not applied.

The British are not worried

However, the British are the third most flashed foreign drivers in France according to data from the National Office for the Processing of Offenses (ANTAI). What do you risk if you do not pay your fine upon receipt? Few. Because the recovery procedures are generally more expensive than the fine. But it is better not to return to the country again. Because the authorities will make you pay the fine, with raises and late fines.

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