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Some men have erection problems after corona infection. But penis size could also suffer, doctors say.

Looking at the coronavirus pandemic so far, it can be said that men have been affected more than women and have come with more serious illnesses, as well as higher death rates. A corona infection can have various consequences. Besides cardiovascular or neurological disorders, which can persist long after infection, the coronavirus attacks the body on many fronts, including the male genitalia. This can permanently damage male reproductive capacity.

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Five times higher risk

Urologist and pelvic surgeon Dr. Rena Malik told that many men suffer from erectile dysfunction after battling the virus. “Being infected with Covid-19 can affect the lining of blood vessels, which can lead to difficulty in blood flow from one part of the body to another. It can also affect blood flow to the penis.” According to the doctor, anyone who catches Covid-19 has a five times higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Reduced blood flow can also lead to penile shrinkage. “If blood flow to this area decreases over time, it can lead to tissue shrinkage, which means you may see a decrease in penis length.”

If in doubt go to the doctor

Matt, from Melbourne, Australia, told ABC News he has struggled to get an erection since contracting Covid. He says: “Before Covid, sex was at least 30 minutes for me. Now it’s around 10 minutes. It makes me less confident. For me personally, it doesn’t affect how I feel during sex sex, just my stamina.”

If men notice erection problems, the family doctor or urologist is an appropriate first point of contact. These can then be passed on to specialist colleagues if necessary.

Can erectile dysfunction occur after Covid?

Virus particles remain in the penis after infection

The coronavirus has also been found to remain in the penis for months after infection, affecting performance in the bedroom. Researchers looked at patients struggling with erectile dysfunction after being infected with Covid-19, according to a study published in the World Journal of Men’s Health. The researchers compared these patients to men who had never been infected with the virus. It showed: Coronavirus particles were detected in penile biopsy samples from men with a history of Covid, but not in samples from Covid-spared men.

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