“I’d rather stay with the homeless”

Freewheeling Britney Spears? Back on Instagram, the newlywed lashed out at Hollywood stars and let them know how bad she felt about it. Read more below.

A few days later her marriage to Sam AsghariBritney Spears had her fans worried by deactivating her account instagram. But the latter didn’t have long to ask questions. Because it is visible in top form that a week later the young bride returned to the famous social network to share photos.

Britney Spears @BestImage

Since the removal of her father’s custody and her return to control of her life, Britney Spears has multiplied the more or less sulphurous publications on social networks. Next Thursday, July 14, 2022, she let out an unexpected diatribe against Hollywood starsmany of which come into contact with it:

God is not kind. Does this mean that the devil is extraordinarily nice? I’d rather hang out with the homeless than people in Hollywood. Just so you know…

Did she wave at her account? instagram.

So should we think of it as a small, well-placed kick for a particular personality?

Internet users mixed

Some Britney Spears followers strongly agreed with her, such as one who noted:

Homeless people are certainly much wiser than Hollywood stars.

However, not everyone agreed. A netizen wanted to remind the 40-year-old singer that she had invited many stars to attend her wedding. Like Madonna, Selena Gomez or even Paris Hilton:

There were no celebrities at your wedding, just the homeless.

he remarked sarcastically.

And apparently his comment did not escape the person concerned, who split another publication a little later in the day.

“I speak because I want to be heard”

It is in the caption of a photo of her posing in her garden that Britney Spears addressed her detractors via a lengthy message:

When one realizes its value, it is worth much more than to be loved. (…) I speak because I want to be heard. Even if only one person can hear me, I’m fine with that! As long as I feel heard…

A way to silence the critics?

However, if she holds a grudge against some of her co-workers, Britney Spears is now a fulfilled woman. On June 9, she was handed the ring to her finger by Sam Asghari, the 28-year-old sports coach with whom she has been in a relationship for more than four years. The ceremony took place in the former home of the lovers, in a small committee.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgharic
Britney Spears and Sam Asghari @ DR

In cold weather with her loved ones, Britney Spears’ third wedding took place without the presence of relativesto whom she has voluntarily not sent announcements.

The newlyweds have since moved to new premises and are trying to recover from the loss of their first child together.

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