In the United States, a 10-year-old girl, pregnant after a rape, had to leave Ohio to have an abortion

A 10-year-old girl, pregnant as a result of rape, had to leave her state of Ohio to undergo an abortion following the Supreme Court decision, a police officer quoted by US media confirmed on July 13. Her tragic story, originally reported by an Indiana gynecologist, was cited Friday by US President Joe Biden as criticizing the Supreme Court’s June 24 decision to no longer guarantee the right to “abortion.”

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, whose state banned abortion after six weeks of pregnancy immediately after the Supreme Court ruling, had questioned its accuracy. “It looks like an invention”, had specifically proclaimed the elected Republican. The young girl was finally able to have an abortion on June 30 in the neighboring state of Indiana, where voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) remains legal. “She was forced to leave her state to go to Indiana to terminate her pregnancy and potentially save her life”Mr Biden responded at the White House. “Ten years! Raped, six weeks pregnant, already traumatized, had to move to another state”he added.

The girl’s story has crystallized tensions over the right to abortion, leaving the country deeply divided.

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No recourse to abortion in case of rape

Before the Supreme Court ruling in April, Jean Schmidt, one of the state’s conservative representatives, had stated that a 13-year-old girl should not have an abortion, even in the case of rape. “It’s unfortunate that this is happening, but there is an opportunity for this woman, no matter how young or old, to decide what she will do to make this life a productive human being.” , she thought. Comments that sparked the outrage of Democrats.

“A 10-year-old girl is raped. The state forces her to stay pregnant and tells her to see it as “an opportunity”. It didn’t happen in Iran. It’s not hypothetical. It happened today in Ohio”tweeted a Democratic candidate for the Ohio State Capitol.

Suspect arrested

Columbus police arrested a suspect on Tuesday, and during his appearance before a judge on Wednesday, an investigator confirmed details of the tragedy, the daily reported. columbus shipping. The embryo’s remains are undergoing genetic testing to confirm links to the suspect, the officer added.

The officer, Jeffrey Huhn, explained to the magistrate that the victim’s mother had informed the local Child Protection Agency about her daughter’s pregnancy on June 22 and that they had arrested the police. According to court documents consulted by Agence France-Presse, 27-year-old Gerson Fuentes was charged with “raping a minor under 13” for an attack that took place on May 12. He was taken into custody in a Franklin County jail. Columbus police declined to comment.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, a dozen conservative states have banned abortions on their territories. Among them, most of them offer an exception to protect the life of the pregnant woman, but not always in case of rape or incest.

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