Internet users regret Virgilia’s behavior towards Julien

This Thursday, July 14, Internet users lamented Virgilia’s behavior toward Julien in “The Best Pastry Chef, the Professionals.” M6 screenshot

This Thursday, July 14, M6 broadcast the semi-final of the “Dear pastry chef, the professionals”. When the pressure was on, internet users pointed to one of the duos still in competition… To them, Julien is just Virgilia’s “clerk” and they didn’t appreciate the young lady’s behavior.

On this national holiday, M6 has decided to make the taste buds of the French salivate. It was already time for the semi-finals for “The best pastry chef, the professionals”. After four shows, the couples still in the running had to redouble their efforts to try and continue the adventure. It must be said that this new episode was under high tension. And for good reason! The production called on Australian chef Peter Gilmore to come up with a size proof, and the latter didn’t laugh. He asked young professional pastry chefs to create a cake around chocolate, with no fewer than eight different textures. And the allotted time was only two hours. A technical tour de force that was not to everyone’s taste.

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“Creamy is creamy”

Like “Top Chef,” the contestants used a few phrases that bothered netizens. When couples uttered the emblematic “laser” that punctuated season 13 of the cooking show, others made Internet users laugh. “Creamy is creamy, frothy is frothy, fudge is fudge,” one participant explained when describing the textures. Which is causing some ridicule on the web.

“The Shame of My Life”

Of the four duos, only three managed to complete the test well. Failing to manage their time, Virgilia and Julien offered a cake that “embarrassed” them. Despite everything, they went to the end of the challenge, and the professional pastry chef did not give up on motivating his partner. However, upon discovering the result, Twittos had issues for the pair.

“Either he brings things or he does the dishes”

For internet users, however, this duo of confectioners is not “fair”. Since the launch of “Dear Pastry Chef, The Professionals,” Twitter subscribers have pointed to Virgilia’s too “authoritarian” side. To them, Julien is just a simple “clerk” in his eyes, following his partner’s orders to the letter. Some have even called him the “best clerk” on the show. In addition, the young woman often describes “her dessert” and not “their dessert”. For Twittos, the candidate’s behavior is annoying.

When Virgilia and Julien failed the technical test, they outdid themselves on the creative test and blew the judges away.

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