Jean Depardieu is 16 years old: Gérard Depardieu’s “perfect” son has his eyes and his temper, revelations

This Thursday, July 14, 2022, a rather discreet son is celebrating his 16th birthday. This is the most young son of Gérard Depardieu, Jean Depardieu. Father of the late Guillaume, and of Julie – the fruit of his former love with Elisabeth Guignot – the legendary 73-year-old actor is also the father of Roxane, born of his relationship with Karine Sylla, as well as Jean Depardieu. The latter, who is celebrating his 16th birthday today, is none other than the son he had with actress Hélène Bizot.

Actresssuch a big sun, she also lent her voice to many movies. If we know very little about her five-year romance with Gérard Depardieu, we do know July 14, 2006 became their son Jean . born. Gérard Depardieu took a long time to recognize it, almost two years. But today there is little room for doubt, the young teenager does indeed look a lot like his two famous parents. If he has a little Depardieu, then Jean didn’t just inherit his physique.

It’s a Depardieu, a real one!

Indeed, Gérard Depardieu had made some confiscations about his younger brother, in particular about their relationship, in October 2020, with Audrey Crespo-Mara for seven to eight (TF1). “I have my son Jean who is perfect and who also looks a bit like me“, he said. Could the young man have inherited the holy character of the one who has long been close to Vladimir Putin? Paris matchIn the same year, Cyrano’s actor revealed that he is a better father to Roxane and Jean than to his parents. The latter had everything from a Depardieu from an early age, to believe his mother’s confidence the shipment. “He has his father’s temperament. He is a boy who embodies the joy of life“, she claimed about this boy with gray-blue eyes”like his father’s“. For Hélène, the resemblance is striking. And Guillaume, who could have met the little one when he was only two years old, then declared: “It’s a Depardieu, a real one!

Rare appearance noticed with his half sister

As for Jean Depardieu’s first name, he inherited it because his father was always inhabited by the ghost of his friend Jean Carmet, that’s what our colleagues from Gala. Roxane’s half-brother is a discreet young man who prefers to keep his Instagram profile private, mainly followed by Joy Hallyday. But a few days ago, Gérard Depardieu’s fourth child made an exception by making a rare public appearance. Indeed, on June 24, he was with Roxane Depardieu at the 8th edition of the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping. Dressed in a t-shirt with the image of the ACDC group, he caused a sensation, smiling and charming. The latter could soon emerge from the shadows.

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