Karine Ferri sublime in a swimsuit, maxi neckline and tanned skin, she enchants the web

Claudia and Maël’s mother is taking advantage of her vacation to regain her strength by the sea. For the host of the TF1 group, it’s time to relax. At the age of 40, the beautiful brunette has not forgotten her fans. Karine Ferri told them something new by sending them a picture of her dressed in a beach outfit.

Time to enjoy the sun

The sun has been back in our country for a while now. Many French have already gone on holiday. Between normal people and public figures, many fill our news feeds with their vacation photos. Taking a tour on social networks, we can see Yannick Noah’s daughter, Jenaye, showing herself in a very daring outfit.

As for Chloé Mortaud, she delights us with a snapshot that shows what has become of her body after giving birth. The least we can say is that the result is impressive. All this could make us forget the beautiful Tina Kunakey who everyone agreed with her white sweater. This photo in the middle of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean is also one of the most appreciated by internet users.

Karine Ferri also left to enjoy her holiday in the sun. The 40-year-old hostess is currently in a seaside town to recharge her batteries. If we do not know the exact place where she decided to spend her days off, it is certain that it is not in the mountains. The collection of swimwear she exhibited is proof of that.

A sweater that was unanimous

On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, Yoann Gourcuff’s wife took to her Instagram account to share her vacation photos. She showed off her perfect curves there by wearing a black bathing suit with shoulder pads and a colored belt. Seeing the comments, the mom’s outfit wasn’t the only thing that caught the attention of her followers in these photos.

Even though Claudia and Maël’s mother lives in Brittany, she has always known how to maintain a tanned complexion all year round. In addition to her perfect tan, Karine Ferri wore a maxi plunging neckline that could diminish the effect of Yoann Gourcuff’s performance on the football field. As for his subscribers, they were full of praise for the host of the TF1 group.

“You are a bomb”, “Karine, personally, the sweater, I don’t care”, “A nothing clothes you, goddess of beauty”, “Sublime woman”, “You are beautiful”, we can read in the comments.

An important decision for his career

Let’s bet the deluge of compliments the 40-year-old mom received in the comments will cheer her up. Indeed, Karine Ferri has recently made a very important decision regarding her television career.

In June 2022, she decided to hang up the microphone and stop hosting the famous TF1 show. We will therefore no longer see her at the head of “Dancing with the stars”. According to the host of the TF1 group, it was an informed choice.

“I loved working with a great team on this program, rich in emotions, twists. I had the experience of a student dancer with luck, I grew up within this program. […] Today I strive for other adventures that I would like to share with you,” said the presenter.

Just like her next jersey, Karine Ferri’s fans will definitely want to know what the new challenges she talked about will be.

Karine Ferri has a passion for animals

Karine Ferri has a great passion for animals and especially dogs. The former DALS presenter also proudly displays her dog on her Instagram page. She even admits that she wanted to be a veterinarian as a child. She shares this passion with her husband Yoann Gourcuff. Currently, their family cares for two dogs and a cat.

“They all get along very well. They are relatives. I share this passion for animals with my husband. We raise our children with respect for animals, they feel the need to interact with them and are afraid of losing them,” she reveals.

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