Kelly Vedovelli: After Portugal, she flies on holiday with a television celebrity

Since the Touche pas à mon poste program ended last June, the columnists have taken the opportunity to go on holiday. Among them Kelly Vedovelli who shares her vacation with her subscribers from the start. Something to dream about! But now she’s on a new adventure and in good company.

Kelly Vedovelli on holiday in Portugal

This season of Touche pas à mon poste was filled with emotions. It must be said that the Talkshow is not known for having a calm and good atmosphere. Clash, quarrel and laughter are the three adjectives that best characterize the show. It was when the last show of this season aired that the columnists could enjoy a well-deserved rest. But Kelly Vedovelli didn’t wait long before she left to enjoy her vacation. She that’s why we chose Portugal as the first destination from the end of June.

Kelly Vedovelli took the opportunity to share all this with her subscribers. She could especially enjoy the beach, brushing her tan, but also going to a festival. The latter has made more than one dream. Indeed, the former DJ could see Burna Boy, Dadju and even Chris Brown. So she could start her vacation with unforgettable moments. After that, she seems to have abused her family.

But Tuesday, July 12, Kelly Vedovelli piqued the curiosity of his subscribers. Indeed, she has published a video of her at Charles de Gaulle airport. She was waiting for a plane to depart. But the curious thing is that she wasn’t alone! Impossible to know the destination or even the person who accompanied himapart from his pet. But soon after, the mystery was quickly lifted. The person accompanying him is also part of Touche Pas à mon poste. It’s actually about Benjamin Castaldic.

Impromptu road trip

Kelly Vedovelli therefore published a story on Instagram to keep her subscribers informed. She says “I think I’m going on vacation with Benjamin. We decided to take a road trip. He surprised me.” But she also adds that this trip will be “A little fun (…) à la Kim Kardashian”. So we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out. where will this shock duo go.

But when these two characters from the show Touche pas à mon poste go on a road trip together, it means they get on well. And that’s an understatement. Indeed, even if they know each other from the professional world, their intimate life is not far away. Aside from the good professional understanding, they seem to like each other off-camera as well. In fact, Kelly Vedovelli had made Benjamin Castaldi very uncomfortable.

She had revealed the latter’s very personal information about his life in bed with his wife. Kelly Vedovelli was very indiscreet. Even giving information about the schedules and reason intimate moments of Benjamin Castaldi with his wife. She even justifies the fact that they do their little business in the morning as the baby is asleep and unfortunately he is too tired in the evening and at night. This had greatly embarrassed the director concerned!

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